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Good Food /Bad Food Proposal    In order to fight  America’s obesity epidemic, everyone must worked hard to make sure that the food that is bing presented to the people of the country is taxed as according to how healthy it is, which means that junk food that contains a large amount of sugar and fatty ingredients the more it should be taxed. The money that comes from taxing these foods should be spent on changing school lunches to a healthy and food that is cooked at the school. Also, one of the biggest reasons that kids are obese is because of the food that is being to them at the schools they go to and all the sugary snack that is available at the vending machines. Another big thing that could help change the obesity of kids is eliminating the commercials of junk food that is being shown to kids. According to Dr. Gortmaker from “Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause” “Children aged 2 to 19 consume even trillion calories of sugar-sweetened beverages a year. It’s a $24 billion industry just for kids alone”(Brody 82).Public health is the role of the government. This means that the government should not be worried about having not to make all the food industries out of business, but instead should realize that taxing will benefit everyone and decrease the obesity rate of the country, especially the kids. Taxing junk food will also help the local farmers grow more vegetables and fruit which will help the farmers by making their business. The food should also be prepared at the school and should not be delivered to the school frozen. I also think that when the food kids are eating at school their schools is healthier, it will lead to them to making better choices at home. Also, Families have to teach their children how to make good food choices  For example, cooking homemade meals is a good way to start avoiding eating out. There are many solution in reducing obesity but one and most important solution will be taxing the junk food and putting that money towards healthier food at schools. Also, I think we need the school food department to start buying from local farmers which will provide fresher organic products and also help the local farmer’s business. Further, I believe schools physical education and healthy programs should educate students more about the bad foods besides just exercising.In Conclusion, I believe taxing the junk food will help schools provide a healthy lunch for their students. Furthermore, I think buying fresh products from local farmers will help the local farmers with their business. Schools should educate their students because kids spend most of their time at school and eat most of their meals at schools. Finally, I Believe the government has a major role in public health and should take action on decreasing the obesity rate in the country.       

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