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 Good vs Evil              Good vs Evil is a big theme in Wicked. But rather than it be directly a hero vs a villain, it is the good and evil within a character. It shows us the good side and the bad side of characters in the story, especially Elphaba. The book also shows us that some of the “good” characters from The Wizard of Oz aren’t so good. The Wizard is a good example of this. In the Wizard of Oz he is supposedly good, but in Wicked he discriminates against Animals and is a very harsh dictator. “I love how you put arrogance and stupidity all in one package. How efficient of you.” -Elphaba (To Fiyero)—-  This quote shows us Elphaba can be mean and rude, showing us the evil within her.Where Killyjoy could be scolded, and the baby saved, though she hadn’t dared hope she could make it time. She pried Killyjoy’s jaws apart, and scooped up the thing. It shivered in terror and the cold. Its bright black eyes were alert and watching, ready to upbraid or condemn or love, same as any capable adult thing. —- This quote shows us that Elphaba has a heart and cares about other living things, showing us her good side.Frex was aware that the Clock of the Time Dragon combined the appeals of ingenuity and magic – and he would have to call on his deepest reserves of religious conviction to overcome it. If his congregation should prove vulnerable to the so-called pleasure faith, succumbing spectacle and violence – well, what next? —- This is an example of religious good vs evil. Frex believes in his religion, which would make it the good religion in his eyes, and he’s going up against the Clock of the Time Dragon, which is evil to him.Religion              Religion is a theme that takes a big part in Wicked. There are four major religions in the land of Oz: Lurlinism, Unionism, Pleasure Faith, and Tiktokism. Of course like in most cases these four religions don’t get along. The are often at ends with each other. People that are Unionists believe in the Unnamed God despise the other three faiths because they are too care free and overindulgent. Religion drives many people to do things in the land of Oz. Frex was up lashing out at Nanny, swinging his fists. Nanny fell backward off her stool, and Melena bobbed about her, shrieking. “How dare you!” cried Frex. “In this household! Isn’t this green girl insult enough? Sorcery is the refuge of the amoral; when it isn’t out-and-out charlatanism, it is dangerously evil! Contracts with demons!” —- This quote shows how aggressive people can get about their religion. Frex was attacking Nanny because she mentioned sorcery, which his religion believed to be bad. “Lurline is the Fairy Queen who flew over the sandy wastes, and spotted the green and lovely land of Oz below. She left her daughter Ozma to rule the country in her absence and she promised to return to Oz in its darkest hour.           “Hah!” said Frex.             “No hahs at me.” Nanny sniffed. “I’m as entitled to my beliefs as you are, Frexspar the Godly. At least they don’t me into trouble as yours do.” —-This quote gives us a little background to Lurlinism as long as showing us that the different religions didn’t really like each other.??”I shall pray for your soul,” promised Nessarose.          “I shall wait for your shoes,” Elphie answered. —- This shows us that religion was still a big part for some people, such as Nessarose. Then there are those who didn’t believe, such as Elphaba. The quote shows us Elphie is more materialistic than spiritual.Guilt and Blame              Guilt and blame are important within the story of Wicked. They drive characters to do things in the story. Whether it be they feel they were responsible or just want the weight lifted off their shoulders. Elphaba for example wants to tell Fiyero’s wife, Sarima, about his death so she can get rid of that guilt, but Sarima refuses to let her speak of it. “But the fault is mine–” began Glinda.           “You would do me more good if you hushed, sweet Galinda, my duck,” said Ama Clutch gently, and patted Glinda’s hand. —- This quote shows us that Glinda felt guilt and blamed herself for Ama Clutch getting sick and dying. She made up a sickness and said Ama Clutch had said illness, but then Ama Clutch actually got it and it killed her.”Well I won’t be lectured to by you about my everlasting duty to Nessie. I gave her my childhood…. She’s made her life the way she wants it, and she still has choice and free will even now.” -Elphaba. —- This quote shows how Elphie blames Nessarose for taking her childhood away.”You were born to curse my life.” He patted her hand affectionately, as if he didn’t mean much by this. —- This quote shows that Frex slightly blames Elphaba, saying that she will be a curse on his life. He is talking about how her green skin will ruin him as a priest.

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