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GMO Foods
Are Killing Us

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Have you ever noticed some differences in features between
apples in the supermarket? We notice that many apples are big, plump shiny,
these are the apples that we tend to buy because they look better or different
from what is usual in a good way and they are Genetically modified apples. In
the other hand, many apples are dull, bruised and appear to be smaller, these are
the healthy apples that we should be feeding our kids. Genetic engineering is the
process by which an organism’s
genetic material is altered or changed so that the products will have specific
characteristics that make it outstanding or different from the rest of the
organic products. In other words, the products that are the genetically
modified are usually different than their ancestors. This process is about
getting genes from organisms such as bacteria or viruses and inserting them
into others, usually unrelated products or species. Many fruits and vegetables
are genetically modified these days; some of the common genetically modified
foods are corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, and milk. Genetic engineering should
not be encouraged or used by farmers because it affects our kids in many
different ways.


How are GMOs ( genetically modified organisms ) made?
This is a question that spins around many peoples’ brains. The process of
genetically modifying organsims is quite complicated, it requires much effort
and only skilled people handle such cases ( cases of genetically modifying
crops ).  Scientists can take a certain
trait or gene of one organism and infuse it into another organism’s DNA to
change it. In otherwords, A gene from one organism is purposely moved to fit in
another. This process involves a device called a ‘gene gun’ which helps in
delivering transgenes to cells. As I mentioned earlier, This results in making
the organism different from the rest of its ancestors, and its often bigger and
greater. It gives crops new characteristics. This is what makes people want to
buy it.


There are many individuals that do encourage growing GMOs
because they think the genes of the products or organisms can be changed to result
in a tastier flavor and more nutritional value, this is completely incorrect
because research has not proven that genetically modified foods are different
than organic foods in terms of flavor or nutritional value, there are many
unpredictable consequences that may appear after eating a GMO product, Dr.
Lemaux stated in best food facts website that “Foods that have been genetically
modified undergo testing for safety, health and nutrient value. The nutritional
value of GMO foods is tested and compared against non-GMO foods. Numerous
studies have shown no nutritional differences between commercially available
GMO and non-GMO foods.” ( Dr. Lemaux Dickenson ) To further explain, it has
been stated that GMO foods do not contain more nutritional value than non-GMO
foods. We all know that many people look for tasty food rather than healthy
food! But we must be careful in choosing what to feed our little ones. Some GMO
substances have been adjusted to make them more resistant to bugs and different
insects. The chemical that is used to repel bugs is harmful for humans,
especially little kids. Poison is poison, if the chemical will repel bugs, then
what will it do to our children’s stomach! It has been stated by the Harvard
University website that “Chemical pesticides include compounds such as organophosphates,
carbamates, pyrethroids, and     sulfonylureas. 
Short-term exposure to a large amount of certain pesticides can result in
poisoning.” ( Marni Wolfe )  “Exposure to
pesticides has also been associated with increased infertility in women and
developmental problems in children.” (Marni Wolfe ) This article illustrates
that the exposure to certain insects repellents can cause severe health
problems. What do you think will happen to our bodies if we consume such
chemicals! Genetically modified crops grow faster than the organic crops, this
benefits farmers in many different ways but also harms people in numerous ways.
The main goal of the supermarkets is to sustain their products and to make sure
the consumers are happy, if the consumers are aware of the negative side
effects GMOs can cause, they will not buy the GMO products and it will be a big
loss for the supermarket. “This will result in us getting sicker and our
government richer.” Stated by the elite daily website (Amanda Jo ). Also this benefits farmers because they gain more
profit by having to grow more food in a smaller amount of time, but what do our
kids have to do with all this? As a mother I should ensure that my kids are
eating the right, safe and healthy food!


There are many disadvantages for growing genetically
modified crops. Very little testing and research has been done on genetically
modified crops and people are still not aware of the harsh side effects it can
cause, also many people have reported that they feel uneasy at the high use of
GMOs. There are a ton of chemicals, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses that are
inserted in these crops or organisms that surely are dangerous. Ever since GMOs
were introduced, the number of children getting food allergies has risen
outstandingly. It has been stated by Savory lotus website that “In 1996, bacteria,
viruses, and other genes started being artificially inserted into the DNA of
soy, corn, cottonseed and canola plants.  This was done to maximize
profitability for the food industry, yet there were NO human trials ever
conducted to assess if these genetically engineered proteins were actually safe
for animal- and human consumption.  There is now much evidence that these
genetically modified foods are contributing to the increasing rates of food
allergies.” (KATJA HEINO )A study from
the UK showed that “Soy allergies jumped 50% in the U.K. just after GM soy was
introduced.  The study identified irritable bowel syndrome, digestion
problems, chronic fatigue, headaches, lethargy, and skin complaints, including
acne and eczema, all related to genetically modified soy consumption.”  ( Jennifer
Hsaio ) Why do we put our little children’s lives at risk? Genetically
modified crops are noticed to have abnormal tastes compared to the organic
crops. This is most likely the result of the chemicals, bacteria, viruses and
antibiotics that have been inserted to the organism. People might like the way
a certain apple or tomato looks like, but they will also know that it is
genetically modified when they taste it!


Why do people want to change god’s creations? God created
such crops to be that way, people should not play around with god’s creations.
It is proven by scientific studies that GMOs contain chemicals that might cause
severe diseases and also death to some kinds of animals, counting us humans!
For example, butterflies and mice will not survive if they consumed Genetically
modified foods. Can you imagine eating food that contains a bacteria or virus? It’s
like consuming a certain disease!


Most people purchase products while not knowing what the product contains which is
very unethical. Not adding a label on a certain product indicating that it is
genetically modified is a serious problem that should be solved immediately
because GMOs are harmful and people need to know what the food they eat
contains. For example, If a supermarket
manager does not make sure all the GMO products he sells are labeled, as I
mentioned earlier, GMOs contain toxic chemicals that can harm our children’s
health “Researchers reviewed data from 19 studies and
found that that consuming genetically modified (GM) food leads to significant
organ disruptions in animals fed a genetically modified diet. Male kidneys were
the most affected (45.5% of all changes), and female livers were a close second
(with 30% of all changes.)  Other organs affected were the heart and
spleen, as well as blood cells,” (KATJA HEINO ). People might get poisoned and this will result in causing a big problem
for the owner or the person in charge.


All farmers should stop growing GMOs because it is
completely unsafe for us and for our kids! 

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