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Globalization has
always been a great idea to be able to connect with other nations, this idea
has been around for a long time and it helped us to collaborate with the
neighboring countries so we could be united in ways whether we could help each
other in keeping each other countries safe or aid whatever the opposite country

And what can make a
transnational film be called ‘transnational’ is when there is a connection
between different nationalities 

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In its simplest guise,
the transnational can be understood as the global forces that link people or
institutions across nations.(Ezra & Rowden, 2006).

This idea has led us to
find ‘camaraderie’ with other nations, and also to give a sense of unity
through the help we could possibly give to each other.

With the collaborations
we do with other countries we could establish some trust so we could unlock and
establish confidence that we could truly trust this country that we are aiding.

Helping another country
begets us to getting help from theirs too as it boosts what we do not have,
whether it could be for the economy or the stability of our country.

It helps our motherland
to also grow because if the country that we help is for example richer in a
specific resource and therefore they could possibly give that to us because we
helped them in a way and also if we were the ones who were richer in the
material that they lack of we could give them that so it may boost what they
don’t have.

globalization also helps the nation to become stronger and let the country be
stable not like before. It minimizes the status of poverty and also to prevent
it from also happening too by establishing friendship with the neighboring
nations they could put up businesses here therefore it could put the unemployed
or the people waiting for jobs to open up for their line of specialties to work
and have a job.

There are also cases
where the below average can also get a job which can be in line in the
government where they are put in special jobs in specific departments.

Globalization has
helped in bringing us closer to other nations that it has given us a chance to
share each other’s arts whether it would be painting, fashion, and also Cinema.
It helped us develop each other’s take’s in the art of film because the foreign
nation gave us a lot of influence because of their own works as it gave
inspiration to our local filmmakers to be able to sort of copy the elements in
their film so it could make it good and flourish it in the long run after some

Their art gave us much
inspiration that the craft we made looks alike from their works. But, before
all that art they introduced us with such first before we could do what they
also did. In the present day every time we are taught of a new technique we
adapt to it and that’s why our films has those sorts of elements that they have.

Therefore, this
contributes to the concept of having a transnational film through globalization
or unity in other words. Globalization and Transnationalism are also of same
concept as they unite 2 different nations with each other. It makes the two
alien countries closer as both nations earn trust as they learn to love each
other’s company sort of like a relationship.


            A film can only be
called as a “transnational film” if there is unity from another country or
nation. Take any Jackie Chan film when he was collaborating with other
nationalities, Jackie as a person born in Hong Kong he is considered Chinese of
course and with that his other co-stars were basically American, Japanese and
etc. which gives the films he starred in sort of like multi-cultured because
there was a clash of 2 or more nationalities.

example of a films are Rush Hour  1,2 & 3 which Jackie Chan starred in as
one of the main characters, he works with Inspector James Carter played by
Chris Tucker. They both are of not the same nationalities and their enemies
aren’t either as there are many nationalities present within the film’s and
culture is also divided in ways then it is to be called a transnational film .

isn’t only because there are different nationalities are present it would be
called a transnational film already. The
Transnational elements of filmmaking can be identified through the cast, crew
and the production’s location.  In the example of mainstream
Hollywood, we expect Americanization to be prominent throughout the film (What
is Transnational Cinema? APA,n.d.).

the whole concept of transnationalism revolves around national identity. Transnational cinema encourages a shift
away from films with a national brand which ultimately would present a shift in
critical thinking (What is Transnational Cinema? APA,n.d.).It appears
there is no sort of who is more ‘dominant’ in terms of culture and nationality
as long as there is collaboration then that is still called a Trans
nationalistic film because there is a bond on what they are working on. 

conclude the only way that a transnational film can be called one is that when
there is connection established with a different nation, an aid or helping
hand. It may change the way of how the cultures of the different films are
being portrayed due to a diversity of cultures. The audience could really see
on how the different cultures collide with each other, collide on a way like in
real life for example you do a meet a person which is not Filipino we could see
how different you are to him/her because of what they wear or who they praise
or even what their political beliefs are.

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