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warming is always a “hot issue” for all time. This is a common subject that
draws great attention of scientists, researchers and ecologists. According to
Mrs. Ishita Haldar , a teacher in a public school in a residential colony (
Vikaspuri, New Delhi, India), and also the author of the book “Global warming:
the causes and consequences” written in 2011, defined ” global warming is the
increase in the average temperature of earth’s near surface air and oceans”.
She also wrote ” in the 20th century, global surface temperature increased,
0.74 ± 0.18ºC( 1.33 ± 0.32ºF)” and “in the future (during 21th century) the
global surface temperature is likely to rise from 1.1 to 6.4ºC( 2.0 to 11.5ºF)”.
In the article “Climate change: managing the global greenhouse”, Kenneth also
indicated clearly that global warming was a dangerous phenomenon for human and
creatures on the earth because it caused many serious consequences for natural
ecosystems, agriculture and people settlements,…especially still no one has
found the solution to stop it. Thus, the research paper, based on secondary
data, will discuss the causes, effects, and solutions to mitigate global
warming in the world.

reported by Stephanie Pappas – the author of newspaper “what is global
warming?” the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was rising
significantly at 406.5 parts per million in 2017. It is the highest level in
about 6500000 years ago. According to Amanda, the author of the article “global
warming 101” (2016), indicated that carbon dioxide is one of the main reasons
caused global warming. However, it is also an essential part of life from daily
activities to production (Wryheat2, 2016). It can see that the quantity of
carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuel burning to power plants is discharged
into the atmosphere is very   large (
Derek Markham, 2009). In the United States, the factories produced about two billion
tons of carbon dioxide every year because of burning fossil fuels to make
electricity (Amada, 2016). Moreover, with growth population at an alarming rate
now, the demand for consumption and use of vehicles also augment, which will
increase the use of fossil fuels for transportation and manufacturing (Derek,
2009). Indeed, amount of carbon dioxide emission from transportations is the
second- largest source in America, accounting for 1.7 billion tons a year
(Amanda, 2016).

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in the article “causes of global warming”, World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)
indicates that there are some additional reasons for global warming namely
deforestation and farming. This organization also illustrates that forests have
an important role in regulating owing to they absorb carbon dioxide from the
atmosphere and provide people with oxygen, so global warming can be controlled
by forests. However, the rate of deforestation 
is tending to increase on the recent, for example the number of forest
in Brazil is decreasing clearly with just over 40,000 km2 per year in 2013 to
2014 and just under 20,000 in 2010 to 2011 ( Tugay Kest, 2015). This will
contribute to increase rapidly climate temperature on the earth and lead to
global warming (World Wild Future For Fund). In addition, agriculture also
contributes to global warming (Kenneth J. Pakenham, 1998). Following by Derek
Markham, the author of the newspaper “global warming effects and causes: a top
10 list” (2009), indicated that the usage of chemical fertilizers on croplands
is rising dramatically, which will lead to effects on the heat storage of
crop-land. Besides, livestock is also a reason for global warming because it
often produces a large of methane in the atmosphere, particular in Australia,
the number of methane, which was manufactured on the farm, was a big
contributor to global warming (WWF).

In the newspaper “global warming 101”
(March 11, 2016), Amanda MacMillan indicated that global warming brings about
many unexpected consequences for human, weather, and nature. Firstly, global
warming has many effects on human health. It is the main reason for some
diseases such as allergies, asthma, and infectious diseases (Amanda). She also
added “these diseases will become more common due to higher levels of air
pollution, the spread of conditions favorable to pathogens and mosquitoes if
global warming still continues”. When referring to the effects of global
warming, Rinkesh, the author of a newspaper “serious effects of global
warming”, also mentioned a situation that the United State America is spending
60 billion dollars to fight with respiratory diseases and symptoms. In
addition, Rinkesh also showed that a large number of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere made breathable air become harder to come by. Research stated that
there was a large number of people die each year from global warming,
accounting for just over 150000 people.

Moreover, global warming also affects
significantly the change of weather. It linked to extreme weather such as
droughts, heavier rainfall, and more powerful hurricanes (Amanda MacMillan,
2016). Amanda gave information about this problem to prove that it was real,
for example, in 2015, scientists signified that a drought in California which
is the worst water shortage in 1200 years, and in 2016, the National Academies
of Science, Engineering, Medicine announced “it is now possible to confidently
attribute certain weather events, like some heat waves, directly to climate
change”. As informed by Derek Markham in the article “global warming effects
and causes: a top 10 list”, the scientists gave important evidences so that
global warming will rise the intensity of the most extreme storms worldwide.
Global warming also made the sea levels rise, Aishwariya Ravi revealed that the
rising of temperature surface causes the melting ice from Greenland and
Antarctica. This will be capable of rising the sea level to over 20 feet by
2100 (Aishwariya Ravi, 2017).

Finally, global warming also changes natural
environment. It can make imbalance in ecosystems by the disappearance of rare
animal. As reported by Derek, 2009, the scientists predicted that in 2050, the
global warming can lead to the extinction of more than a million species. In
addition, wildfire is occurred frequently by global warming, which will add a
number of carbon dioxide in the air (Rinkesh, n.d). Therefore , it will bring
many bad consequences for human and animals such as the less oxygen, the lack
of habitats (Rikesh, n.d).

It is noticeable that global warming has
bad influence on human and nature. This is really a remarkable problems for human
and creatures on the Earth. Therefore, the many scientists, ecologists have
begun research on this issue and find the ways to mitigate global warming.

First of all, people need to make good “three
R’s campaign” which including “reduce, reuse, and recycle’ (Rinkesh, 2009). The first R- “Reduce” is diminishing
the amount of garbage generated through lifestyle change, consumer, and
manufacture (Alyssa Martino, July 2008). As Alyssa defined that the second R (reuse)
means “something old is new again”. Therefore people can reuse bottles, plastic
bags, and the other things into the different purposes instead of throw them
away (Rinkesh, 2009). This will not only reduce the amount of wastes but also
decrease the great amount of carbon dioxide in the environment (Rachel Steffan,
2005). The final R (recycle) means that the change of thing in shape or size,
but still remain the original material, which will help people save raw
materials and costs in production.

Additionally, people
should plant many trees to prevent the development of global warming (Rinkesh, 2009). It can see clearly that the plants
not only release oxygen for human but also take in the carbon dioxide during
the photosynthesis process (Rinkesh, 2009). Thus, it can mitigate global
warming (Rachel Steffan, 2005). Besides, the government also should ban everyone
from cutting down the trees because forests play an important role in the life.
As reported by Rachel Steffan in a newspaper “top ways to stop global warming”
(2005), deforestation, especially in rain forests contributed a large amount of
rising global warming.

Last but not least, one
of the most important ways for preventing global warming is that reducing
fossil fuel used in the environment (Rachel Steffan, 2005).people can stop
global warming by two ways: use less energy, or use alternative sources such as:
solar energy, wind energy (Rachel Steffan, 2005). This will decrease the great
amount of gas emissions in the air. In addition, using public transport is also
a way to reduce global warming because it decreases carbon dioxide emission
from other transportations (Amanda MacMillan, 2016).

This research aims to
demonstrate the causes, effects, and solutions of global warming. It is
noticeable that global warming is caused by nature and human activities.
Moreover it also greatly affects both human and creatures. If this problem is
not resolved immediately, it will cause many more serious consequences. Therefore,
the scientists and ecologists have begun to study and have found the ways to
solve this problem, for example people can practice “three R’s campaign”, using
alternative energy sources, or plant more trees. By these methods, the earth in
the future will be better than one’s in the past.

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