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            Given these points, celebrities and common people are
both naturally humans. Both are entitled to make mistakes. Regardless of being
celebrities or normal people, both have their fair share of stress and problems
in their lives. There is equal hardship in being an ordinary person, waking up,
going to work, and having a social life. Celebrities on the other hand they
might have all the glitz and the glam but what really is stopping them from
going insane. Someone is constantly watching their every move and they must put
up with it. Ordinary people take a loss in the luxurious things, the fashion
trends, the amount of privileges, and the number of charitable events.

            Majority of celebrities are godparents to charitable
cause. In a bidding frenzy one who can give back the most to the society, they
often result to non-profit charities. Recently Chance the rapper donated $1
million to Chicago’s public-school system. “I’m honored to make this donation
to Chicago public schools Foundation and help cultivate Chicago creative
minds,” he said, adding, “I’m committed to helping Chicago’s children have
quality learning experiences that include the arts” (“Chance the Rapper
Donates”). Angelina Jolie is not just about giving her money away to charity
she is also here to give her time and effort. She has been working on refugee
camps since the year 2015. She has partnered with Brad Pitt in the making of
the Jolie-Pitt Foundation that has affected children that have been exposed and
effected by HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ethiopia (“7 most charitable”). Unlike
celebrities the average person is not capable of donating that much time and
money into different charities. The average person would most likely do the
bare minimum when it comes to donating or being a part of the charity. 

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are often rewarded with the pleasure of attending certain events. They are
rewarded with VIP seats at an award shows and debuts and are smothered with a
royal like treatment from the best seats, the best drinks, and the opportunity
to talk and mingle with other valuable people. The R artist Khalid was
asked to the Grammys because he was nominated for 12 of them. Another example
is newest female rapper Cardi B was asked to the Grammys as well because she
was nominated for 2 of them. Nevertheless, normal people do not get to have the
same opportunities as a celebrity that would help boost their careers. An ordinary
person would not be asked to attend the Grammys, they would not be asked to sit
down with the President, nor would an ordinary person be able to sit along
court side of a Warriors game. Ordinary people are not given the same
privileges as a celebrity, they do not have the same luxury of doing or being a
part of those things.

typical average person follows the latest fashion trends, celebrities tend to
be the trendsetters. They own the most expensive wardrobes and tend to endorse
unique, weird and bold styles that are not seen daily. They are asked by the
designer if they would wear their clothes, they would be fitted and adjusted
before hitting the carpet. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the fashionable
couple, they are always in tune with the newest design. It’s not surprising to
see Kim with the handcrafted dress made from silk imported from Milan, and
Kanye with the one shoulder fur-fox vest with the scissor-ripped white T-shirt and
black high-watered pants. Celebrities are made to look flawless and untouchable
in their reign of “perfection” whereas an ordinary person dressing up on a
daily would consist of Roca ware jeans, with a collard-polo shirt but not the
real polo the USPA polo and with some Jordans that came out 5 months ago. Compared
to celebrities they would be considered out of place. Like ordinary people, the
rich and wealthy have to take in consideration of what their appearance looks
like, so they have the liberty to market themselves. But, that is why it is
more common for celebrities to follow strict diet routines and hire fitness
trainers than the average person. As a matter of fact, enjoy more privileges at
events compared to ordinary people.

up with the Kardashians is a show aired on E! that goes in depth of the life of
the Kardashians. The audience is exposed to the ends and outs of being a
Kardashian. Showing their lives living as a celebrity they have higher quality trends,
privileges, and charitable causes than an average person.


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