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    Futbol is a very important part of Latin
American culture.  It is often considered
a way of life, or a religion. Soccer is more than just a hobby or common interest;
it is a major component in Latin Americans culture. In South America, soccer is
such a part of life that it often connects to the political and social
outlooks. There is a lot of history behind the sport, which adds to its
importance in the countries.

   The history of futbol traces back to
1800, when the sport first arrived. Soccer first came to South America at the
port of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where European sailors came. The sport
developed very early. “Members of the British Community formed the first club,
the Buenos Aires Football Club (FC) in 1867” In 1893, the first Argentinean league
championship was played. Up until the early 20th century most of the players
belonged to the British. Soon, the game of soccer spread to Brazil.  Brazil became the second South American
country where football was successfully established. In 1894, a soccer player
from England, Charles Miller, came to Colombia and introduced soccer. Clubs
gained in popularity and by the 1920’s futbol had become a professional sport
in most countries. By 1930, it had gained immense popularity across all of Latin
America.  The first FIFA World Cup was
July 13th, 1930 in Uruguay. It lasted from July 13th to
July 30th. The first World Cup final champion was Uruguay who defeated
Argentina 4–2. The next world cup is June of 2018 in Russia.

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   Another major topic that
is probably the most important part of futbol is the culture aspect. The game has
acted as almost a religion that people from all over come together for. Culture
ties into soccer as it is a common interest for people of all races, origins, cultures
and beliefs. Christianity, with more than 2 billion believers, ranks second
among the major religions of the world. Soccer is first. (Tom Hundley, 1)
More than 3.2 billion people
tuned in to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Almost half of the world population. 

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