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Front End Design process:

It is fair to say that front end design play an important role web application and web portals including  ecommerce site, education portal etc. front end is collection of structure and behavior of the web pages that interact with user.

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A front end design require the following technologies

·         HTML5 – it is the most basic building block of the web. It describe and defines the content of webpages. HTML means Hypertext Markup Language.  HTML is the structural language of web design. Html uses Markup”   to annotate the content for display in webpages.


·         CSS3 –to describe the presentation of the html page structure style sheet language is used . CSS describe how to display html element on screen or on other media. CSS is mostly used for animation and transition effect on web pages.


·         JavaScript/Jquery – it is well-known as scripting language for web pages. The JavaScript/jquery is used to handle behavior of web pages. The standard for JavaScript is ECMA script. JavaScript/jquery is mostly used for event handling and form validation at front end with dynamic rendering of data.



Back End Process:

In most of the application back end process is work or it is backbone of every system in information technology. Back-End process also called as server-side scripting. it is an important part of any software application.

A server-Side scripting having following technologies

PHP – it is a most powerful server-side scripting language used to making of dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP is widely used for web application and used free world-wide. PHP is used to interact with database to create dynamic web pages. PHP can manage user sessions and cookies. PHP also support protocols such as POP3, IMAP. It also support encryption.


CodeIgniter – it’s a most powerful and widely used PHP framework. It is an open source framework that speed up the development with rich set of libraries and helpers. It is more secure that prevent various attack. It is based on model-view-controller system. It handle error logging and unit testing class. It is framework with small footprint.


Database Design Process:

Database having a key role in all area where computer application used. It include wide range of sector like commerce, education, medical and all standalone and web applications. Database is a collection of related data. Database are used to store, edit delete an information regarding application.

DBMS is a database management system software used to creating and managing database. DBMS provide a way to programmer and users to retrieve, create and update data.

MySQL – MySQL is type of RDBMS and it is popular and open source. MySQL having ability to support web-based and online web application. It run on almost all platform like linux, unix, and windows. It is easier to deploy and handle. MySQL work very fast even with large data set.




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