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From the minute Mr. Celestine Kezie; my “Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT” Lecturer left my class on the twentieth of December, 2017, I knew it was a going to be a stressful vacation, however I had no clue it would be almost as awful as it turned out. He had chosen it was a smart thought to give us numerous ventures with a specific end goal to dispose of all types of inertness amid our assumed “break,” and to decline the circumstance, he place us in gatherings. Communicating with my colleagues was possible however not achievable.  While school authoritatively abandoned on the 21st of December, I didn’t leave until the 22nd, my uncles who live in Lagos lifted me up and I spent the night at one of their homes on the grounds that my flight to Benin was the following day. My Uncle Kesi took me to the air terminal and our excursion was a truly discomforting one as we were stuck in rush hour gridlock; which appeared to have intensified in Lagos just a couple of days prior. I relatively missed my flight just to touch base at the airplane terminal and have my flight deferred for two hours.  I at last arrived home just to find that my father had redesigned the whole house and I didn’t have a room any longer; I spent the whole occasion considering my sister’s bed. Before sufficiently long, I found that the principle motivation behind why my dad needed me home was to influence an unpaid babysitter to out of a sixteen-year old college understudy. Since my folks are not any more together, I was stuck keeping an eye on kids, however it didn’t appear to end there, he appeared to have been under the feeling that we were running a nursery since I all of a sudden needed to deal with eight children. At a certain point, there were eleven of them however it wasn’t that terrible on the grounds that the extra three were somewhat more seasoned and could help in the supervision of the other kids, yet they in the long run left.  Presently, my opportunity at home wasn’t awful, however it was so upsetting, I am really enticed not to like it. In any case, I think that its hard not to grin when I consider it, I got to invest energy with my family which is something I don’t typically get the chance to do.

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