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From a young age, I have always been intrigued by how the human body works. It is seen as a remarkable machine, which has a different function of organs that is one of a kind. I have a deep passion for the subject science. As I learnt about it during my high school period, the more I was passionate about the subject, which then made me fall in great desire to study medicine. I always love challenges, especially those that come with good rewards at the end. This is what medicine has. Although it is a tough career to be going down to, but who said anything is easy? Having to study medicine and being challenged every day, of every hour, of every second, is something I am willing to be taking on. The reward that you will get at the end is the heart-warming feeling that no other person can ever have. Having to study medicine enables you to have the chance to explore yourself as well as the course itself for 5 – 7 years. This course is very distinct and compelling in many ways. The course will never bore you. As you are doing the practical work, it will keep you on your toes, as every patient is different from one another and medicine is developing as we speak.
One of the achievements that I am proud of is that I have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Award). Being a part of the scheme enabled me to enhance and develop different skills sets, such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication and more. I also competed in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2016 (Gold Certificate). I was proud of this achievement as the aim of this is to stimulate mathematical problem-solving.
I have conducted different work experience. One of them being able to work at a hospital for 3 months. This allowed me to have an insight of the lifestyle that I would like to have further down the line. Being able to have had the opportunity to have the experience was a real eye-opener for me. I was able to see and experience hands-on, full experience of what it is like to be a doctor. I was able to gain a valuable understanding of what the day of a doctor’s life is like. I was lucky enough to shadow different doctors and nurses and had the privilege to ask them any questions as we were on duty. As well as having the amazing opportunity to have the experience in a hospital, I also managed to do volunteering work at a charity shop in Deptford. Although this is very out of the ordinary of what I want to do and become in the future, I believe that this was a good ground-breaking experience that anyone could ever have. I was able to interact with different customers every day, attend to their needs and more. Having this exhibited that although one subject may seem more intense and hard than the other, there is no one that is easy than another. No two courses are the same, nor is one easier than the other. Nothing is easy. Everything is equally as hard, however, if you put your heart and head into it, then you will be able to accomplish your goals.
For me to have a better understanding of one of the modules that I have picked during my A-Levels (Biology), I thought what better way than attending at a lecture that one of the prestigious universities in London was holding. This was a day that I would never forget. The whole day was filled with different lectures for us students to attend to. One of the lectures, held by James Piercy, talked about ‘Science Made Simple.’ This consisted of how the brain truly works, and he learnt about his brain when it was damaged in an accident. As he fully recovered, he explored his grey matters and explained how much and how little us humans know about the works of the amazing machine that we are carrying every day. This inspired me and made me more interested in learning how the human body really works. There are so many things that we take granted for and one of them is that we truly do not know how lucky we are to have an amazing system to keep us going and learning new things every day.
Overall, I am a self-motivated individual, who is passionate about succeeding in life. I am eager in developing my knowledge further and looking forward to what the academic and social challenges are of a university. I am attentive of the high demand within the medical field, however, my commitment and aspiration of becoming a doctor have been shown through all of the hard-dedicated work that I have done and through my experiences that I have gained previously.

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