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From 1750 to 1914, the non Western nations such as Japan and China were being introduced to European imperial powers because of the Industrialization period. During this time the Iron Act was passed in order to favor England by encouraging the American colonies to manufacture more pig iron and iron bars but prohibited the colonies from producing finished iron goods. In Japan, the Tokugawa were the ruling faction from the 1600s to the mid 1800s. Beginning in the seventeenth century the Japanese cut themselves off from the rest of the world. They did not allow anyone to leave or to return if they did. They had no interest in any European trade and did not allow European traders because of the fear of Christianity influence. However, the Dutch were able trade and from that the Japanese saw what could be gained from trading with the Europeans. This began to cause the emperor to make unfair trading agreements with the Europeans. Isolation of Japan changed once an American sailor went to Japan in 1853. He was able to impress the Japanese with his weapons and Japan soon decided to adopt Western ways. The new trading agreements didn’t satisfy everyone. The Samurai were one of the first to revolt against the emperor and from there they established the Meiji empire. During this period the emperor centralized the government and decreased the power of the shogun. It wasn’t easy for Japan to industrialize because of their lack of resources due to this they wanted to conquer territory.European imperialism brought a modernization to Japan’s society. They created a modern military without the samurai, western style government, and the social structure no longer included Confucian ideology. People began to imitate western culture such as the way they dressed and there was a change in economy with a currency and banking system. Families become impoverished, Meiji restoration, and industrialization was what European imperialism brought to Japan.Europeans were able to dominate native people because the European countries were economically and militarily stronger although this did not work for Japan. Japan adopted certain western ways quickly that they had a strong enough army to defeat Russia in 1905. Unlike China, Japan kept their freedom from imperialization. They opened trade to European countries, but under their own terms.Japan could have continued to stay in isolation and reject any European interaction. If they decided to do this they wouldn’t have been up to date with what was occurring around them. They would have possibly never industrialized as they did when accepting western ways.Japan benefited from European imperialism. They were able to industrialize and modernize their society.

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