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From an early age, I was always
heavily interested in art, design, and sciences, therefore, architecture was a
natural passion. I believe that the provision of high quality architecture has
the power to influence society and humanity in a positive manner and leave a
lasting impression on the world. Through the Masters of Architecture, I will be
able to explore, engage and unleash my creativity on ideas that match my beliefs
and hopefully create an efficacious impact on the industry.  

I previously graduated in BA
(Hons) Interior Architecture with First Class Honours from Northumbria
University in 2014. In my first degree, I gained a keen interest in the demand
for existing spaces to be altered to accommodate the changing requirements of
society, whilst understanding the possibilities and constraints of the existing
fabric. Following gaining experience in the field, I had a strong desire to
further my knowledge within an urban and building design context. In 2017, I
was awarded sponsorship by my employer Parkview, to undertake the PG Cert
Interior Architecture (ARB Part 1 exemption) whilst in full-time employment and
successfully graduated gaining the Part 1 status.

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From my valuable time at
Northumbria, I was heavily influenced by the school’s ethos of contextual
exploration and responsiveness. During my studies, I was privileged to be in Newcastle,
as the city and the wider region obtains an incredible history and rich
industrial heritage; this acted as an inspiring context where many
architectural and research projects aroused from. Through taking strong notion
of design from context, historical, cultural and social nature, I found the projects
resulted in embodying a sense of purpose and identity. These views were
implemented in my ARB Part 1 project as well as my final year undergraduate project.
In my projects, I also took inspiration from the theoretical viewpoint from Jacques
Derrida and architecturally, from Rem Koolhaas, Herzog de Meuron and Frank
Gehry. Other ideas explored in my studies that I found of high interest include,
the embodiment of the genius loci, the deconstructive ideology, innovative
construction and sustainable architecture.

Following graduating in 2014, I
worked for manufacturer CIMC Modular Building Systems in London, as a Design
Engineer within the design team. I worked on several schemes that looked to
deliver hotels and student accommodations using CIMC’s modular building system.
I had the opportunity to experience projects at different stages having
followed a Hampton by Hilton hotel in Aberdeen from concept design to RIBA
stage 3 where drawing packages were completed for the modular elements. In my
role, I was responsible for coordinating and providing design and construction
related advice to architects and the wider design team whilst communicating
design progress to the technical team in China. Through my time, I acquired substantial
technical knowledge and a huge insight in modular construction.

In 2015 I joined property
developer Parkview, where I am currently an Interior Architect working in an
in-house architecture team. At Parkview, I have been giving a vast range of architectural
and interior projects of varying scales to work on. Here, I worked on two
completed renovation projects: Mayfair office and residential in Marylebone,
early stage masterplans; a mixed-use scheme in Palau and residential in Ealing,
QxQ prefabricated houses in France and most recently a mixed-use development in
Okinawa (working with Tange Associates). Working in-house, I have the
opportunity to present and work directly with the client/Chairman and have had
to produce a variety of drawings ranging from renders and animations to layouts
and details. A large part of my role entailed looking at the development of the
QxQ prefabricated buildings where the concept design derived from designers
such as Ron Arad and Cecil Balmond. I worked with the manufacturers to resolve
and test the building systems and design of the various QxQ units. The spectrum
of work I have experienced resulted in many of my skills improving drastically
since my studies, having had training on software programs, new exposure and
participation of concept ideas and grasping new visualisation skills including
the production of virtual/augmented reality and animations. 


For my Part 2, I look to expand
on areas of interest I have previously touched upon including emerging Having previously studied at
Northumbria University, I believe the school is of a perfect fit for me as I
have a clear understanding in the ethos and I hold it to providing an
innovative and exceptional experience; incomparable to elsewhere. Being based
back in Newcastle to study is also incredible with the diverse culture, history,
and architecture it offers. I am looking to be challenged with complex design
issues and further my architectural knowledge at Part 2, and I believe
Northumbria’s MArch course offers this, reiterated by my peers. Through this
course, I will be stepping in the right direction of my ambition of being a
qualified Architect, whilst still withholding the creative reuse specialism I
have developed via my first degree in my locker. Following the broad experience
I have gained through my work experience and studies, I believe I am equipped
with the necessary tools to enter the next stage of architectural studies and
viewed as a suitable candidate for the MArch course.

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