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From the moment we open our eyes until the moment
we go to bed, we go through multiple thought processes; ” what should I wear today?
“Why is this man looking at me”?  All
these thoughts can be attribute back to presentation of self. Humans seek the validity
of others, and how we are viewed. In addition to seeking validity, and
attempting to present our self in the best manner possible, we also assess
other individuals on the way they present them selves. Presentation of self
takes a major part in our lives, as we can learn from Geoffmans readings. Whereby
he discuss ways we mask our selves and enact various roles. In an attempt to
set ourselves in a favorable view to our general audience, that being society. Goffman
dissects in his writing the way we project our selves in presentation to others
and why we express our selves, forming several classic concepts that are well
renowned in sociology today.

Goffman theorizes that a person identity can fall under description he
calls impression management. In other words a persons identity is not entirely stable
but more dependent on that factor of the circumstance. I whole-heartedly agree
with this concept. As it is concept that can be observed off of many
situations. For instance this is a situation I have experienced many times. The
attitude of many bus drivers towards customers change based off a situation,
such as being more aggressive at times to riders that seem meek or harmless,
while being apprehensive in their attitude to those with an authoritative or
threatening air to them.  In essence the
bus driver evaluates the person judging them by appearance, gender, and their
general stature. In the film catch me if you can we can see somewhat similar biases
of people evaluating the main character Abengale based off of his appearance.  Abengale through out the film exhibts
impression manamget, by his comptent communication.

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