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Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond.

Friends are the people we share everything from the smallest to the biggest events of our lives. It is a very important relationship we value and look forward to.

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Good friendships include the ability to be completely truthful with each other. One of the main foundations of friendship is the absence of deceit. Such a friendship will attract others. Because of the trust already developed, a friend can be brutally honest. Rather than causing hurt, it is understood that what is said is simply to help and make all individuals in the friendship even “sharper”.

A good friend is not all about correction, however, and uses words carefully. He or she doesn’t lash out with angry words but rather gives a “soft answer” and builds others up with what is said


1.     expectations must be balanced out.

2.     Reasonable Expectations in a Friendship:

·       Your friend treats you with respect.

·       Your friend tries not to hurt your feelings.

·       You and a new friend get to know each other at a pace that is comfortable to you both.

·       You like friends who make you laugh or lift your spirits.

·       You appreciate friends who value you.

3. Unreasonable Expectations in a Friendship:

·       You meet someone and instantly think you have a bond that makes this person a best friend.

·       When you like people, you share your deepest darkest secrets and insecurities within a short time of meeting them.

·       When you click with someone, you expect to see them right away again so you can start hanging out.

·       When you need to vent, you expect your friend to listen no matter what.

·       When you’re lonely, you expect your friends to be there for you no matter what’s going on in their lives.

4. Expectations Are Reasonable But Not Easily Achieved: Since friendships grow at different speeds, it’s possible that what you expect to happen in a new friendship is different from someone else. You might have totally realistic expectations, but for whatever reason your friend is advancing slower in your friendship. Perhaps you feel a bond, but they don’t yet. Or you feel as if you want to spend more time together, but they aren’t willing or able to make a commitment

key attributes:

1.     Be realistic: in any friendship being yourself id the most important aspect to keep in mind. Any relationship will last longer only with transparency and trust. Being ourselves to someone shows the real behavioral characters of an individual and it is necessary for people to accept the real you.

2.     Try to conquer things by yourself:

Avoid asking for favors you could accomplish yourself with some added effort. You’ll find yourself relying on others, where you might have easily and more quickly gotten the job done yourself.

anxiety that comes with depending on others for even the smallest of tasks can quickly turn negative between friends. While it isn’t unfair to help friends out on occasion and hope for the same in return, putting too much of your day’s weight in the hands of another will usually end disastrously.

3.     Keep it all in perspective:

It just isn’t realistic to think you can avoid ever getting your hopes up when it comes to the friendships and relationships in your life.

It’s going to happen and sometimes, it’s going to work out and sometimes, it’s going to be an epic fail.

When this happens and it will try to keep perspective about the situation. Few of life’s disappointments will warrant a complete mental breakdown.

While everything feels catastrophic and irreparable in the moment, a little time and space will usually shed some light on the situation and leave you reflecting on what your role might have been in how it all played out.

Nothing that doesn’t kill you is worth putting yourself into a negative state of mind.

Take the time you need to figure it out for yourself before engaging with someone else when you’re not yet ready.

4.     Get over it:

This solves nothing beyond conveying you are an overgrown child with conflict-resolution issues.

It takes two people to create the blows, but only one to walk away and move on.

Whether you fix what’s broken and get back to working on your own happiness or you cut your losses and let go of unnecessary negative figures in your life, nip it in the bud and move on.


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