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Friend – ” a person who knows and likes another- Collins Gage dictionary. The friendship between Johnny and Dallas does not take a genius to figure out how strong it is. In the Novel ” The Outsiders” written by S.E Hinton there are 2 gang which go by the names The Socs and The Greasers. These 2 gangs are constantly fighting and are occasionally getting ”jumped”. Most Greasers are known to have a cold heart, and Dallas Winston is known to carry a heavy heart, but deep down despite all the anger and hate. He has a strong relationship with Johnny and one can tell that it is filled with love, family and friendship. Firstly, Dallas and Johnny are good friends. And have an unexplainable relationship that not even Ponyboy can paint a picture of to explain it. The gangs’ friendship is somewhat mentioned in Chapter 2 of ”The Outsiders” on page 27 Two-Bit mentions that ”Us greasers usually stick together”. Dallas and Johnny are shown using this behavior as friends. In Chapter 6 page 80 Dallas shows that he really cares and will never let Johnny go back, and attempting to help Pony and Johnny out of the fire, ” Dally swore at me and clubbed me across the back as hard as he could,”. This shows that he truly cares about Johnny and that he will never leave his side. Another reason was how Dallas gave advice on how jail ”hardens” you. This was very unusual because Dallas was one to brag when talking about jail, it was even stated that Dallas was speaking in oddly passionate voice. This is on Chapter 6 page 76, as these may show true components of a friendship. There is one more thing to impress, Johnny was found going into the burning church without Dally’s consent but still having two things on his mind redemption and to make Dallas proud he knew that Dallas would have been proud, like every parent would have been proud of their son or daughter sacrificing their own life to save innocent kids. Dallas knew that he wasn’t just a greaser but that he was a hero. And he was proud. Just like a parent, which ties into the next topic which is family.  Secondly, Dallas has treated Johnny Cade like he was family, in chapter 10 page 131 Ponyboy mentions all of past moments of love that Dallas has shown to Johnny. ”But I remembered Dally pulling Johnny through the window of the burning church; Dally giving us his gun, although it could mean jail for him; Dally risking his life for us, trying to keep Johnny out of trouble”. This may seem very odd or strange but like stated in the first paragraph Dallas loves Johnny and will be the only thing he ever loves, the action of attempting to pull Johnny out of the burning church means that he will forever cherish Johnny and wanting him to come alive, this is related to a quote from Lilo and Stitch- ”Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Dallas demonstrated this act by not leaving Johnny behind in the church fire, one main component to family is being inclusive. Another reason is how Dallas gave Johnny and Ponyboy the gun this is on page 60 chapter 4, knowing that he could end up in a reformatory for taking part in a murder. All he could said was no, but he will Johnny help to become something but himself. Another reason is how Dallas is constantly trying to keep Johnny out of trouble, this is shown in Chapter 9 page 125 ”If he’d been like me he’d never have been in this mess”. This shows that Dallas always wants the best and only for Johnny. This can relate to how you parents yell at you when you mess up. This does not mean that they do not love you they just always want you to ”put 150% into the things you do”- Mrs. Alaimo. They want the best for you. And so, does Dallas for Johnny he wants the best. Lastly, there is a strong wave of love between the 2 of them. Friendship, Family and sacrifice may be three topics to discuss about. But they both tie into love and that is the main idea of this, love. Friendship is shown with love by how the can know the persons pain in unexplainable problems. Family because Johnny was like Dally’s little brother. And now that he was gone from Dallas. Now that he dead and there is nothing to love. Dallas had felt like he had failed. Like nothing really mattered. So, he ended his life. Dallas Winton got what he wanted, and he wanted to be dead. So, he sacrificed his life. Just to be with Johnny Cade. In light he may look like a hoodlum but deep inside he loved Johnny, and Johnny loved him.            As said in the begging there is strong connection of love between Johnny and Dallas. This relationship mainly focuses on family which is very strong, love and friendship. These are 3 main components to a good relationship. Remember Family never ends, and Dally’s love for Johnny wont etiher.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hinton S.E ” The Outsiders” Tulsa, Oklahoma,

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