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and contracts offer a way to increase the capacity and capabilities of the
company’s workforce, not the need to hire new people permanently. This is
particularly relevant for projects and contracts and expertise, but is unlikely
to be invited into a routine part of the company’s requirements.

outsourced employees present new challenges in securing internal standards and
requirements. Do they maintain qualifications or body members of the industry?
Has standard induction training been submitted to the company? You may need to
know this type of information at some time in the future, including and does
not seem relevant. It gives the same form that registers the details of a
permanent business, and essential to more information about entrepreneurs,
consultants and third-party functionaries. The ideal human resources system is
the one that allows to keep records of temporary staff clearly identified to
facilitate a recovery in case of future dispute.

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outsourcing of human resources reduces the number of managers of civil
servants. Co enterprises de-resources human to make effective. And because your
talent and infrastructure is in place. As small economic enterprises, it gives
two embryonic frameworks of HR. You have signed contracts with insurance
companies and your company, in order to be a permanent consumer of money. This
is particularly relevant for the projects that are necessary to become part of
the company’s requirement designations. Small companies are more susceptible to
obtaining other human resources resource.

outsourced employees present new challenges in their efforts to ensure
compliance with internal standards and requirements. Are they professionally
qualified or organized? Do they participate in the standard training of the
company? You may need to be aware of this information at some point, although
it does not seem particularly relevant at the beginning of the contract. In the
same way that long-term employment data of officials are recorded, the same
information must be kept by contractors, consultants and subcontractors. Your
ideal HR system should keep your temporary worker records ready for future
conflicts. Or just to send the same people to the convenience of the future.

Patel hospital:
Outsourcing methods

dept. is out sourced and without management of hospital, HR can’t say any
housekeeping staff because they are not a Patel Payroll.

housekeeping stuff are not following labor law.


should hire housekeeping stuff rather than outsource because outsourced stuff
are not following proper rule and regulation.


recent years, teams and interpersonal relationships are becoming increasingly
important HR factors for the organizational effectiveness of technological
innovations, conducting in-depth case analysis on informal contacts and
performance in innovation teams. They addressed the effects of friendly
relationships between members of performance innovation teams. In their study,
the effects of nonworking relationships on team performance were examined with
full network data on nonworking relationships among a sample of innovation
teams to provide empirical evidence of how “friendly and friendly
networks” the performance of innovation teams. The results showed that the
frequency of friendly ties had positive and negative consequences on the
performance of the team, while the frequency of friendship was positively
related to team performance. This interpersonal relationship factor could be
strengthened through an organizational strategy emphasizing the interaction,
participation and development of culture.

three-person organization adjustment model provides an overall framework for
technological innovation and HRM, three new trends have strengthened the
integration and holistic nature of strategies. In particular, there are three
areas of new developments that require more research and empirical
applications: globally distributed engineering and international technological
entrepreneurship, innovation in information technology and approaches to HR
development, professional service and management modeling of customer
relations. The second new trend is innovation in information technology and the
popularity of e-HR development. The process is defined as a system modeling
process in which system design options emerge as a problem-solving process:
identifying constraints, finding ideal values ??and better design options,
defining the information interface between engineers, exchanging their
contributions to the system model based on four levels of abstraction and
decision theory, facilitating the development of an information environment for
distributed virtual enterprise engineering collaboration. In general, in order
to address these new challenges of globally distributed technological
innovation, the age of information and the development of services, a holistic
approach is needed to integrate key strategies to achieve sustainable
development through technological innovation and human Resources. Further
research is expected to create a strategic and holistic human resource
development model to effectively integrate culture, organizational change and
high technology.

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