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Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper features many important issues that are important for us to reflect on.I picked the topic of children who have no parents.I choose it because i noticed in majority of the story Gerald is not living with his parents he is living with Aunt Queen.I also choose this topic because i lived with only one of my parents my entire life.So I thought i would have good connections on this topic.I also choose this topic because I would like to know more about children who don’t have parents.Children without no parents means that they have been taken away from their or their parents could have gave them up at birth.They get taken away because the parents couldn’t take care of them or they did bad things that they weren’t supposed to be doing.The parents sometimes turn them into be adopted because they don’t want to deal with them no more.This happens to the kids because they can’t control what their parents do.The issue had been seen before in the novel of forge by fire.In the story “Gerald was left home and he started a fire.”In the story “Gerald was involved with the fire because he was the one who caused the fire to happen.”In the story they also took Gerald away from Monique and gave Gerald to Aunt Queen.”They also took Monique to jail for child abandonment.So in the book he wasn’t with his parent until Aunt Queen died and he had nowhere else to go beside Monique’s house.Forged by Fire is realistic because it has topics that could happen in real life.It is common because not everyone in this world has their real parents.Most people don’t even have parents/guardians.It didn’t handle it like it was the real world because they wouldn’t give Gerald back Monique because of what she did in the past.They would give Gerald away to another foster parent.These are many important issues that are important for us to reflect on.These are some reasons why i picked this topic.I choose because i noticed that it has been in most of the story.I also chose it because i am also dealing with the same problem too.I also wanted to know more about this topic to see how other people are feeling about not having parents.

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