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For this project with cost 60.000€ I have three workers where the works are separate according totheir knowledge and taking into account as the project start with 5 December and finish with 20December which is 15 days off .Every worker I give 5 days to prepare tasks who have.

Worker 1: First week or (five days) is dedication for installation electricity for decoration and tobuy decorations for Prishitna city, those kind of tasks are very important and they aren’t easy, butthis worker I believe more ,the first thing that should be done is to buy all decorations after toinstallation electricity and these tasks are costly.? Installation electricity for decoration – the cost of installation of electricity is 6000€,because the spaces is bigger since Prishtina is a big city.? Buy decorations- Different lights are the main part of decorations for city ,they are withdifferent shapes, colors and these lights costly more, so decoration led cotton ballstring light cost 1,000 €,waterproof decoration led street light cost2,600€,Colorful decorative plastic fiber optic modern lighting curtain 1,500€,decorativebells 1,000€,in total for decorations are spent 6,100€.All decorations are buy in Kosovo.

Worker 2: In second week or 5 days the worker has to do three tasks and they are putting ofcanteens in the square, supply of canteens with drinks and adjusting the concerts scene. Thecanteens come from Albania and for these I have to paid taxes. those canteens are made of beechwood that is resistant to low temperatures, this kind of wood cost so much .These tasks are veryimportant for the end-year holiday season and for the people of Kosovo because Prishina iscapital city and all people from Kosovo want to spent this time in capital city .

So for mycompany is very important to decorate the city and let people be satisfied with my company's6work. But this worker can not to finish all these tasks, so him help other part-worker because theydon’t have so many days and they should be faster as they work in my company. The first thingto finish is putting of canteens so is hard to find the right place to putting these there are sevencanteens, to adjusting the scene for concerts front of these canteens and supply of canteens withdrinks.? Putting of canteens in the square- those canteens are made of beech wood that is resistantto low temperatures, this kind of wood cost so much and those seven canteens cost13,000€ with transport .? Supply of canteens with drinks- drinks who buying divide in alcoholic (red and whitewines form Rahovec, Birra Prishtina,Birra Peja),soft drinks(Coca-Cola, Fanta,Schweppes, Red- bull, mineral and natural water ) and hot drinks(coffee, tea, OrangeBrandy Hot Chocolate. Pondered Cider.

Get the Recipe: Sugar Plum Wine Fairy. HotCocoa. Get the Recipe: Rum Hot Toddy. Wassail.

Get the Recipe: Choco Mocha MintCocktail. Spiced Cabernet), All in total for drinks my company spent 5,200€.? Adjusting the concerts scene- this device cost about 6,000€, because this scene is madefrom metal.Worker 3: In last week or the last five days the tasks for him are putting New Year’s tree andadjusting the decorative lights .These two tasks is hard to finish only so he get some friends tohelp him and this is good work because to work in group is the best part of work.

The NewYear’s tree is from Albania and for one day it will be come and adjusting the decorative lights so.The tasks are very costly because they aren’t small things to do.6? Putting New Year’s tree- is decided in square, is 18 metres and in tree are decided50.000 lights, 250 flash light, 100 pellets and 60 flash figures that will illuminate indifferent colors and the cost is 7,700€ in total only for decorations of tree.

? Adjusting the decorative lights- this part is easy because the worker 1 buy all of lights andhe only decide when to stick the lights and what shapes, what colors.Regarding the division of the tasks of the workers I think those tasks are divided in equal way, foreach worker has 5 days to prepare their works. In this project my company spent 44,000€ fordecorations and I have to paid my workers with amount of 4,000€so for each workers I have topaid 1333€. My company has 20% profit from 60,000€.I am so glad because my company hasprofit in this project for decorating the city of Prishtina.Task 2:Identify five significant risks that you think the project faces. For each risk determine howlikely you think it is to occur (the probability) and the impact if it does occur.

Create yourown scoring system for probability and impact. You might use high-Medium- Low.For this project as five significant risks are: weather, deadline, energy (electricity), temporarystaff, and flood.

Weather-is main risk for the project faces because now is winter and is very cold, snow, ice inthe streets of the city, so its risk for the workers, they can fall, to damage all decorations and allour works can go in damage. But the weather I can position in medium impact or probabilitybecause for every end-year seasons is winter and we understood is rainy, snowy and coldeverything is possible in this season.6Deadline- is the hardest part of the project because the deadline is the only stress that can endthe tasks that we have to finish at a certain time and we are afraid that we cannot finish it verywell and with quality because it is a time certain and the probability is high because we are afraidmaybe we cannot perform the tasks on time.Energy (electricity) – Decorations that require power are very basic amid the holiday season.Series of lights both inside and out are often shown in festivity of end-year season. These parchedimprovements can represent the danger of electrical issues including over-burdens, blowncircuits, and even fire. .

And for occurrence or probability I can say that electricity is the mainrisk in the project and for this risk the probability is high.Temporary staff –danger due to low temperatures. Worker’s staff may have seasonal illness,they may suffer fractures due to ice creases and consequently staff reductions may be carried outwith delays in professionalism. If not managed well, there will be difficulties in working hours ifthey live far away can delayed due to climatic transport difficulties slowing the roads aredamaged they may not arrive in time and any delays affect the failure to reach the end of theworks by the given time and date, and probability is high.

Flood – since it is the winter season and rain, snow refreshments have not stopped there may beflooding in the city and the project can go to damage all work and the project remains in half andall the money spent are damage. For last risk I think is medium probability because even thoughhave snow and rain cannot have flood because there is no heavy rainfall.

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