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For as long as I can recall I have identifiedwhat I desired to do with my life. Science has always been a passion of mine,and engineering has intrigued me for quite a while. I trust this program will offerme significant abilities that cannot be imparted in the classroom. I want tomake a difference and I want an education because it opens prospects for one inlife. Brought up in a family that has constantly urgedme to use without limitations the maximum degree my intrinsic endowments, by whichI have thrived in each scholastic experience I have attempted. I believe in beingdiscipline and tenacious in one’s pursuits and also in diligence to accomplishinggoals. All through my SecondarySchool and Bachelor’s degree, I have endeavored to be a decent student, thestudy and work skills that I indicated at that point, will carry me through mypostgraduate classes.

At my undergraduate level, I had the chance to be acquaintedwith the full scope of engineering courses, all of which were inclined to strengthenand set my severe curiosity for engineering.  In my first degree in Petroleum engineering,I was taught the equipment used to extract oil and gas in the mostprofitable way, how to inject water, chemicals, gases, orsteam into an oil reserve to force out more oil, the drilling processes in oiland gas fields, and then to recover oil and gas, and most importantly, making sure that oil field equipment is installed,operated, and maintained properly. Acreative application of a wide spectrum of knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Geology,Chemistry and so on, is required in the economic and environmentally safeproduction of hydrocarbons.  What really sparked up my interest in wantingto undertake this Master’s program in Engineering Management was PetroleumEconomics.   In looking for answers forissues, and the commercial capability of each probable answer is measured with practicalaspects.

Basically, the addition of engineering management to my backgrounddegree will expand my career, not be monotonous as this MS is connected with running and enhancing the productivity ofengineering processes utilizing the aids of business management in which I amexcited to acquire knowledge to be adept in solving problems relating to thisfield. I trust that a graduate study in Engineering Managementwill afford me the hands-on opportunities and supervision I require to enhancemy engineering skills and pursue my goals of exceeding expectations in theindustry.From the Master’sprogram in Engineering Management, I look forward gaining the knowledge andskills in courses, such as Accounting, Management of Engineering Teams, andEngineering Project Management etc. while keeping up with the developments inthe field of technology. I want to be a part of the graduates in the world whohave the combination of technical knowledge and the management capacity thatthis chosen career option needs. Engineeringprofessionals with strong technical background and expertise as well asmanagement abilities are highly sought after, I am sure that enrolling in thisprogram will provide me with the skills and knowledge required to fulfil avariation of exciting job roles and also prepare me for high-level managementroles in future.

I am a firm believer in team work and most of my successesare a result of being a vibrant member of a team. Aboveall the Engineering Management Master’sprogram will be an opportunity to work with the guidance of expert professors,gain technical expertise, business acumenand to compete with international students, which will prepare me to meet thechallenges in the real world. I look forward to the positive response of theadmissions committee and I hope you will consider myapplication. 

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