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For Part 2 of my Written Task, language and mass communication, a blogpost is chosen. This blogpost is written from the perspective of a gay Palestinian who is incensed by the Israeli efforts towards the LGBT community around the world which were contrary to the way he used to be treated. It shows how Israel has taken advantage over the influx of the LGBT community to boost their image and economy. While focusing on hiding the ugly truth about it being an apartheid state, it stills acts as one on Palestinian gays.

With a simple click, youth of today are able to share their opinions, enhancing them with images, links to relevant facts and evidences to justify their stance.  Targeted at the Israelis and the LGBT community, this blogpost encourages readers to step up and stop the Israeli’s façade and discrimination against Palestinians.  A Blog also allows the responses through comments from its readers allowing them to not only support the author but also to provide their opinions. Hence, blogpost was deemed to be the most appropriate text type for the Written Task.

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Allowing my own opinions regarding the subject to be put in a humorous manner to entice readers with a short attention span to continue was a consideration accounted for when selecting the text type as well. Written in 2015, this blog also aims to share the opinion of the writer shortly after the The Jerusalem Post reported that the Foreign Ministry of Israel was encouraging “Gay Israel” as part of its campaigns to antipode the negative stereotypes that many have of Israel.

This article is written in the perspective of one who is daring and willing to expose the Israeli efforts in ‘pinkwashing’, trying to fend off international condemnation of its violations of the rights of the Palestinian people.




That’s the only word going through my mind. I am sick and tired of being a silent victim to these actions. This ends here and this ends now. Follow me on my mission to be the voice for the oppressed, abused and enslaved in the Middle East. Don’t understand? Well read on…



The Champion for pink washing in the entire world goes too……




Yes, I said it. Israel has been ruining lives since even before I was born and its not going to stop until we do something about it.


10 years ago when Americans came to rebrand Israel as relevant and modern no one would have thought that it would have resulted in this. However, their government decided to expand this marketing stratagy by harnessing the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer (LGBTQ) community.


The Gay Mecca! That’s what Tel Aviv is now known as. It has now become the hub for gay activities, parties and pride parades. Israel may have a self-declared tolerance for the LGBTQ community. Israel has followed Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbel’s quote, “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” and maintained its stance.


Being a victim and witness to their actions, I beg to differ. Gays in Middle East are tortured, jailed, hanged and even buried alive. I do agree that Israel has been taking contrasting actions as compared to other Middle Eastern countries. However, I disagree with the general perception of what Israel is doing.


They are putting on a façade, deceiving the entire world, while extorting us and threatening to expose us to our families. We don’t only have to face the wrath of Israeli officers but our family and friends who torture us our entire lives for embracing our identity. We have nowhere left to go. No money to migrate, no place to run to and no one to support us. Our lives have become bottomless pit of misery.



Israel has spent close to $2.9 million to promoting a parade in the gay capital, Tel Aviv. The nation has been using us as an excuse to strengthen its image. They have been using us as public relation tools to aid in covering up the truth, racism, hate crimes, marginalisation of different groups and an endless list of others.



West Bank. It has completely changed. It no longer looks like what I had remembered. However, memories were still fresh as though they happened only yesterday. Who would be able to forget getting tortured by your family. Humiliated in front of half those in West Bank. Friends, a concept I no longer understand. Moving from place to place every day to evade the Israeli officers is all I do now. Evasion can only work for so long. I am ready to face the consequences and I am not going down without a fight.


Israel has been accepting asylum from all over world. However, to has contrasting principles when it comes to gays from the region. Especially of those from Palestine. Foreign partners are able to become permanent residents in many cases unlike other countries where they traditionally are not allowed migrate. Palestinians are one of the few who really need asylum, but the Israelis deny applications for asylums for gay Palestinians just because of conflict between the countries. There are gay Palestinians being mistreated all over Israel. Prosecuted by militant groups, Palestinian security forces, their own family and Israeli police when they flee, Palestinian gays in the west bank live a nomad life.


Their racial discrimination has been the root problem to many Palestinians living under the mercy of the Israeli authorities. Their inability to put aside their hatred for a greater cause that they appear to support, is the reason why there are thousands of Palestinians suffering, unable to live their lives. Having to live a life full caution, unware what is going surprise at curb just ahead.


Some may have of security accused of mistreating gay Palestinians in light of the recent articles produced spreading awareness of ‘pink washing’ in the middle east. However, I am here to tell you that this the least of our worries. It has become so common that it has almost turned to a norm. Well I am here to change that. Slowly but surely, we will achieve that.


The promotion of LGBT events and tourism is being used to mask the Human rights violations in occupied territories and suppress our cries for help. 10 years ago, no one would have believed Israel. It pains me to now see Israel being supported by the world and us being neglected. Their promotion as Israel being a cultural hub is the one of the few things I agree with. Israel is the cultural hub for torture and malevolence.


We are just their gambit, their pink cloak. Not anymore. They cannot paint over the murder of Shira Banki. Just because they paint rainbows on planes does not mean that the occupation is going to be hidden. It will take more than a few coats of paint to cover up crimes that have been committed to the LGBT community. It’s going takes many layers to hide three transgender Israeli’s who kicked their own buckets, the LGBTQ right bills that do not become laws, homophobic statement from members of Knesset and rabbis.


In this enlightened nation, its going to much more to hide the fact that ‘homo’ and ‘lesbian’ are derogatory in nature. Blood cannot be washed off and will always be there. It’s still there even when you paint over it. It’s an added bonus that the Israelis will not have to buy red paint for their rainbow plane. Their base coat is already red with blood and guilt.


The key to all ‘pink washing’ is the base layer flying in from the west, attempting to mask the occupation, cover it in glitter and paint, divert the tourist from the thousands of prisoners they have enslaved.


Let’s make a difference. Every step counts. Voice out your opinions now, be it commenting below on my blog, on social media, blogs or even in newspaper. If we don’t speak out we will stop being slaves to these Israelis. 

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