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For this task I will act in the role of a Special Educational
NEEDS Co-ordinator (SENCO). I will be responsible for Special Educational Needs
(SEN) at the School. I must ensure that children with SEN get the help they
need in the environment around them in order to help them grow and develop both
in learning and their overall well-being.

Inclusion is the act of including many different types of
people within society and making sure that necessary steps are taken in order
to make sure they are treated fairly and equally, for example the integration
of students with different ethnic backgrounds or disabilities in schools. It is
important within the classroom that the children feel comfortable, safe and
secure, therefore this approach is positively acted upon. The term
‘special educational needs’ refers to “children who have disabilities or
learning problems that make it harder for them to learn compared to other
children of the same age. Many children will have special needs of some kind at
some time during their education”. (nidirect)

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There are many different types of
needs which many children may have throughout their school years which may need
assistance from professionals and these needs may even progress into adulthood.
For example, numeracy, reading, writing, being able to process information or
physical needs such as visual impairments. It is vitally important that each
and every child has the opportunity to access the curriculum in school that
they attend. (See appendix 1)

A piece of legislation which has
had an impact on procedures and policies regarding SEN is The Code of Practice, in an Article of the Education
Northern Ireland (NI) Order 1996, requires all departments to provide a code of
practice which delivers regulations regarding the duties and responsibilities
of SEN.

There are five stages of the code
of practice:

1-2) After the child’s SEN has
been registered, the child has access to support from their class teacher and
the SENCO from within the school. They provide help to meet the child’s
individual needs along with gathering information and effectively co-ordinating

3) Specialists form outside of
the school are involved to help support not only the child, but the SENCO and
teacher as well. They may include a nurse, occupational therapist, psychologist
and speech and language therapist. This team may be called a multi-disciplinary
team, who work closely together in order to care for the holistic development
of the child with SEN.

4) Education and Authority Board
becomes involved in the child’s provision, carrying out “statutory assessments”
when necessary.

5) This stage involves “statementing”
that aims to identify detailed needs of the child using reports and reviews.

Within my setting, these stages are important to relate to
when I am working. These stages impact not only on how SEN are accommodated for
but dealt with.

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