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Food customers can be differentiated into segments depending on their lifestyle.

 These are ‘hunters-kidnappers’ (people without children or single staying in cities, eager to try new things, however do not have a lot of information about the eco food), ‘hamsters’ (eat national food), ‘level-headed consumers’ (older people, who prepare food in effortless way), ‘happy cooks’ (at the minimum one person in a family loves to cook), ‘careful cooks’ (retirees with a high retirement, they have a knowledge about healthy eating).                    What is more,we can distinguish consumers into the groups of different eating fashion. These are ‘meat eaters’ (consume meat daily), ‘health enthusiasts’ (mostly older people who eat vegetables, fruit rather than sugar, meat or fat), ‘the well-informed’ (they have a lot of knowledge about healthy eating), ‘the absent-minded’ (they favor already made food), ‘travelers’ (people, who eat out and do not pay attention on healthy food).      3.1 Different groups of eco-food customers in Poland1          Consumers that are engaged into the eco-food are segmented into the following groups: ‘the eco-activist’ (mid-aged married with children, who consume eco-food), ‘the eco-dietician’ (search for food that stop diseases), ‘the eco-traditionalist’ (the reason they consume eco-food is the taste), ‘the eco-innovator’ (they have knowledge about eco-food and they take care for the environment).

            Eco-food consumers usually pay attention on the caring for environment; they are also keen on learning about new things. Eco-food consumers participate in food market. Nowadays eco-food consumers are greatly informed about the eco-food, however eco-food consumers contrast in the intensity of the engagement in eco-food.

   4. Product assortment Based on the survey we had conducted, the product assortment of our eco-jam may be presents straights:·             It’s breadth comes to 9: strawberry, cherry, peach, pear, blueberry, forest fruits, raspberry, plum and apricot.·             Length consist of 15 on every taste-line produced, which gives 135 jars of eco-jam.·             The depth total only 1, because we specialize in one particular type of eco-jam, leastways on the beginning. If it meets the expectations of our customers, we would prepare also different versions of our product.·             In the case of consistency, it’s strength depend on the taste. Forest fruit has very strong relation with blueberry or raspberry, but weak with pear.

Other has similar, not-strong linkage.

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