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SEPULTURA was worshiped at the end of his time but the end of this deathmetal band from Brazil is torn into a fun ridicule by loyal fans around the world, this incident occurred due to the turn of the vocalist of Sepultura.

The 90’s period is a triumph for Sepultura, but the heyday in the quotes “when with vocalist Max Cavalera”

Sepultura with Max Cavalera successfully pioneered a song that proved to be the best and hits of his time, the song is called Roots Bloody Roots, Territory and Ratamahatta. the three songs were successfully crowned as the best metal song of all time according to some media such as loudware, blabbermouth, teamrock and others;

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But the triumph of Sepultura was forced to run aground in the middle of the road due to their frontman Max Cavalera was forced to be fired from Sepultura.

Max fired by the big manager in their band, Oh yes the manager Sepultura is his wife Max Cavalera, so Max is fired by his own wife.

Max Cavalera fired, Sepultura recruited new vocalist named Derrick Green, oh yes yeah you know with new vocalist Derrick green, Sepultura is like losing the identity of the article since their main vocalist fired and replaced by new vocalist nuances Sepultura song to be bad, all fans Sepultura feel disagree about it.

Disappointed fans of Sepultura’s decision to sack Max Cavalera from the band, for the incident, some of their loyal fans in the past few years began to leave their fascorit band Sepultura 


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