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18 January 2018

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is a non profit organization that provides reproductive health care in

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the US and globally which is funded by the government. The first birth control clinic was opened
by Margaret Sanger in 1916, she was then the founder of the American Birth Control League in
1921. In 1942, the name was changed to Planned Parenthood. Today Planned Parenthood
provides with one hundred fifty nine medical and non medical affiliates which are located in over
six hundred fifty clinics just in the United States. They are currently partnered with organizations
in twelve countries internationally. Planned Parenthood’s main line of care is to provide people
with reproductive health services, sexual education. Contraception is Planned parenthood’s most
used health care service. Since Planned Parenthood is funded by tax money. some citizens
believe that they are spending money on a cause that violates their morals-such as abortions and
birth control. Many believe that is should be funded by private donations. President Trump
himself, has stated that because he is “Pro-Life” therefore he is an advocate

for defunding Planned parenthood. This has been an ongoing battle for many years, however it is
a fact that if Planned Parenthood is defunded it would affect millions of US citizens.

Planned Parenthood is an important source to women’s health. Many feminists believe
that defunding Planned Parenthood is an attack on women’s rights. If Planned Parenthood were
to be defunded by the government, not only would it be harder for women to get abortions, but it

will diminish numerous access to health care services for women. Today, Planned Parenthood
provide “health services to at least 2.5 million people, the vast majority of whom live at or below
150 percent of the federal poverty line.” (Klasing) Government funds are not used for abortion
services in Planned Parenthood and they only make up three percent of the wide range of
services they provide. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood gives essential health care for women in
rural areas where they are not able to access hospitals, doctors, or clinics. Millions of women
receive birth control from Planned Parenthood and “360,000 women received breast exams and
270,000 received pap smear tests.” (Klasing) These tests help women detect early signs of
cancer, which increases the patients odds in survival. Personally, I have gone to Planned
Parenthood countless times for my health, and I have various friends who directly receive birth
control from Planned Parenthood for free. Planned Parenthood helps women who can not afford
health care. They give out their own insurance for low income people, and most procedures are
free and easily accessed for them. For example, a women who has a very low income does not
want to get pregnant and is currently sexually active. She can utilize Planned Parenthood to
receive free contraception like Birth Control pills or Plan B pills. Without Planned Parenthood so
many women would not be able to afford contraceptions, causing unwanted pregnancies. This
organization caters to help women in so many different ways and women deserve the choice to
their own health care.

Moreover, not only does Planned Parenthood provides women’s health care services but
they also provide health care services to any age or gender. Anyone can receive STD screenings
and treatments, immunizations, pediatric care, behavioral-health care, general care, and even
LGBT services. Planned Parenthood also provides ” responsible sex education and family

planning services for hundreds of thousands of American teenagers every day.” (Feldt) It is
imperative that teens are given the proper sex education as they are growing up and Planned
Parenthood aids to teens daily. In 2013, “Planned Parenthood reported seeing 2.7 million patients
in 4.6 million clinical visits. Roughly 16% of its clients were teenagers” (wikipedia) Planned
Parenthood helps teens with bullying, puberty, relationships, preventing pregnancy and STDs,
and more. This organization does more than provide health care. They help young teens with
their mental health and anything with their own personal life. Men are also able to receive STD
treatments and screening, vasectomy procedures, and erectile dysfunction services. Planned
Parenthood also gives men education regarding male birth control and lowering the risk of STDs.

Many people support Planned Parenthood, however there are large groups of people who
oppose it and demand the government to stop funding it. The republican party intensely opposes
the government funding Planned Parenthood. Mainly because they believe they should not be
paying taxes to support an organization that contradicts there morals and ideas. In 2011 the
organization “Americans United for Life released a report pointing to ‘systemic financial
irregularities and other abuses’ apparent in its investigation of over twenty years of Planned
Parenthood records. The report called for a federal investigation claiming Planned Parenthood
misused more than 300 million per year of tax payer money.” (Watt) House republicans then
launched a full blown investigation into Planned Parenthood’s finances, especially at how the
organization was abstaining from keeping government funds to abortion services. This
investigation caused anger from the National Organization for Women and added fuel to the
“War on Women”. Meanwhile, Komen, a major funder of Planned Parenthood hired Karen
Handel, an opposer of Planned Parenthood, as the senior vice president of public policy. Two

months after the federal investigation had begun (Spring), “Komen’s board voted to eliminate
funding of Planned Parenthood…two weeks later Komen’s president, Elizabeth Thompson
informed Planned Parenthood of the board’s decision.” (Watts) The public reaction was very big,
many people used social media outlets to voice their opinions. Many people were not happy with
Komen’s decision, people like the New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg donated 250,000 to
Planned Parenthood to help continue their care for women’s health. This decision caused a huge
controversy within the public and to this day the debate has not been settled. Republicans have
been advocating the defunding of Planned Parenthood for years, now that President Trump has
come into office, a new health care bill has been pushed by the house.Trump has clearly stated
that he is pro-life, therefore wanting to defund Planned Parenthood. A bill was signed by Trump
that would allow “states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortion
services.” (Merica) Planned Parenthood falls directly under this category.

Furthermore, despite the claims that defunding Planned Parenthood were to cause havoc,
there is factual information that shows it will not. Since, 1995 there has been a 20% decline in
Planned Parenthood clinics. If Planned Parenthood were to close the availability of abortions will
not diminish, the “1,058,490 abortions performed in 2011 were provided by 329 abortion clinics,
510 ‘other’ clinics, 595 hospitals, and 286 physician’s offices.” There are over two thousand
pregnancy care centers in the United States to help women with unplanned pregnancies. Clearly
there would still be sufficient options for abortion services. Defunding Planned Parenthood
would enable over half a billion dollars a year that could go to other “health care service
providers, community health centers, primary care physicians, hospitals, and others—that
provide a broader range of health services than Planned Parenthood ever has.” (Grossu) Women

in poverty would be able to use Medicaid for health care services at these centers. From 2009 to
2013, cancer screening, prevention programs, prenatal services, breast exams all dropped by at
least half at Planned Parenthood. (Grossu). Evidently, Planned Parenthood’s health care services
has been declining while abortions are increasing every year.

Planned Parenthood has been around for over a hundred years, this organization provides
health care services for all ages and gender. Throughout the years Planned Parenthood has helped
countless low income citizens with contraceptions, STD screening and treatment, cancer
screenings, sex education, immunizations and more. Planned Parenthood is believed to be an
essential part for women’s healths. Millions of women receive aid from Planned Parenthood per
year with breast exams, pap smears, abortions, birth control, and more. Because of abortion
services that Planned Parenthood provides republicans or conservatives push for the defunding of
Planned Parenthood. In a Federal Investigation Planned Parenthood was discovered to misuse
millions of tax payer money. Furthermore, the current president elect, President Donald Trump,
has pushed a bill that allows states to withhold funding to organizations that provide abortion
services—like Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, it has been factually shown that without
Planned Parenthood the availability of abortions is still viable. Also there has been a steady
decline of health service from Planned Parenthood since 2009. This debate on defunding Planned
Parenthood has fueled much uproar from the public, and it is clear that if the government were to
stop funding Planned Parenthood altogether millions of lives would be affected. 

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