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Flamboyant, mischievous, undeniable skillsof artistry, and a key factor of the surrealismmovement. He was born May 11th, 1904 in FigueresCatalonia, Spain. He enrolled in different artschools, where he experimented with differenttypes of art styles. He later travelled and madeconnections with other artists which, in turn,sparked his interest in the psychoanalyticmethods of surrealism. Salvador Dali lived withhis mother, father, brother, and sister. Theywere a middle-class family in the small town ofFigueres just outside of Barcelona. His motherwas very supportive of his artistic abilitiesand encouraged it.

His father was a lawyer andnotary who also supported his artistry. He tookhis first drawing class at the age of 10. His olderbrother died of gastroenteritis when Dali waslittle. When Dali was 16, he lost his mother tobreast cancer. He described this as “the greatestblow I had experienced in my life.” His father,who still encouraged his artistic abilities,hosted a solo exhibition in their home of hischarcoal drawings when he was 19. He later wasenrolled into the Madrid School of Fine Arts,where he experimented with art styles suchas impressionism and pointillism.

In 1922, Dalienrolled in the Special Painting, Sculpture, andEngraving School of San Fernando in Madrid.This is when he discovered and embraced his flamboyant and eccentric persona. He dressed inthe style of English aesthetes of the 19th century.Artistically, he dabbled with many of the differentart styles and continued to progress his artisticskills. He made a lot of connections due to hisinterest and involvement in a small group ofartists whom which included filmmaker and LuisBunuel and poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The sceneexposed Dali to many different styles and someof the greatest minds of the time such as Einsteinand Stravinsky. He was later expelled from the SanFernando art school after he insulted his professorduring his final examination before graduation.After his days at San Fernando were over, Dali tookan enlightening trip to Paris where he met thefamous cubist artist Pablo Picasso.

This spawnedhis interests in what the Cubists were doing andthis later moved onto an interest in the Futuristsattempts to recreate motion and show objectsfrom all angels. After that, he began his study of thepsychoanalytic concepts of Freud, which createdthe surrealist methods he is famous for. His firstpainting that showed these concepts of a differentreality, beautiful landscapes, and symbolic imagerywas his piece “Apparatus and Hand” (1927). With hisnew art style, he conjured the unrealistic paintingsof a dream-like state and pushed the idea thatlife is the greatest form of art. His persistence tomine out his inner thoughts to the core createdthe passion and purity of his surrealist imageryand spawned the free-flowing ways of surrealismto its fullest. His groundbreaking legacy will liveforever, unforgotten, he was born an artist and dieda legend.


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