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Fish farming/aquaculture, has been perceived
as rising technology that can improve rural development goals in terms of food,
nutrition and income security. In Busia county most of the fish farmers are
small scale farmers whose purpose of fish farming is commercial and

Presently, fish as an important component of
the population’s diet in many parts of the Kenya has increased rapidly over the
past hundred years due to improved technology, which showcases powerful engines
and sonar equipment and led to over fishing, causing a worldwide decrease in
wild stocks. Accounting for the decline in the fish population dynamics. The
need to increase fish production by farming became an urgent matter to both the
government and private sectors

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The term „Aquaculture? covers all forms of
cultivation of aquatic animals and plants in fresh brackish-and marine.
Aquaculture can be seen as an aspect of agricultural practices, mainly to
increase the production of food above the level that would be produced
naturally. Today, aquaculture is responsible for an ever-increasing share of global
aquatic food production, which has increased from 3.9 percent in 1970 to 31.9
percent in 2003 (FAO, 2005). It however has diverse aspects and this includes
fish farming which involves the rearing of fish for the purpose of consumption
or sale. Fish is acclaimed to be the principal source of animal protein for
over one billion people globally and provides many important nutritional and
health benefits. Fish has the highest level of easily metabolise proteins; it
is reputed for its high quality proteins, fats, vitamins, calcium, iron and
essential amino acids. The per capital consumption of animal protein in the
country has been put at 5gm per day. This is a far cry from the FAO?s
recommended level of 35gm per day (Afolami and Oladimeji, 2003).

Fish farming is a profitable venture and it is rapidly expanding and
it will continue to be profitable if the planning and management are well taken
care of. The Kenyan government has recognized the importance of the fishery
sub-sector and it has made several attempts over the years to increase their
productivity through institutional reforms and the various economic measures. Despite
the efforts of government, there is still a deficit in the supply and demand
for fish by the population (Dada, 2004). Most of the fish farming in Busia is
carried out by small scale operators in small fresh water pond.

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