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Firstly, I started my research investigating the Finnish educational system and identifying elements that could fit into my project. Beginning with a competition, that is not a foundation, but contrarily cooperation is promoted constantly. The teacher’s profession is respected considering the entrance examinations which are required for teacher education and are quite difficult since there is great competition. This means that teachers are usually intelligent, talented and motivated.Even the Finns emphasize pedagogical research and encourage students to learn to think analytically, the student’s internal motivation is perhaps the most important single factor. A teacher praises, inspires and encourages. From a very early age, they learn how to be responsible and have sobriety for their learning. Seek the way to learn from internal motivation, not for parents or for exams purposes and there are no strict standards in teaching techniques.The storytelling allows people to express experiences and stories from their lives. Our stories are reminiscent of our origins. Using storytelling, children will have the opportunity to live, to understand and to personalize the story, making the learning experience easier. Storytelling is a mean of communication with the user. Therefore i have noted key elements that I thought should be included in my project and my way of thinking, for the purpose the result to be adequately.have a goal, and that goal is to allow my students to master content. I would love to have more time in the classroom, so I will allow my students to master the content. My students will be in front of the room, displaying their learning. Teachers are going to take the low-end of the students, and the high-end of the students, and they’re going to level them out.Following this tactic I will try to motivate students to be self learners, provide quality-at-home content and create a student-centered but still structured class time.Need to say that game mechanics are widely used for educational applications. Learning itself is often a difficult process which requires persistence and motivation to get things done right. One of the main tasks of educational apps is to keep the learners interested and motivated all the time. Game elements are able to make educational process more dynamic and exciting especially for young learners. What kind of a mission and challenges to choose depends on the type of educational material. Gamification is a complicated design techniquewhich requires using various game mechanics referring to the interactive UI elements. The main task for designers applying gamification is not to turn the product fully into a game. For this reason, highlighted the elements and mechanics of gamification, in order to take them into consideration and to try to intergarete them into my educational process.

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