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First, let’s define discrimination.  In today’s world discrimination is any
treatment of individuals based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin,
and age or disability status.  This
includes:  hiring, work expectations and promotionsPH1 .

Throughout the history of General Motors, the company has
been run by white males with little opportunity for minorities and women to
aspire to be promoted through the ranks of the company. 

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When General Motors promoted minority own business it
forgot about promoting people of minority race and women within the company
that was promoting minority ownership of its dealerships.  This contributed deeply to the problems
within the company.  Employees saw the
promoting of minority ownership of dealerships but also witnessed the lack of
equal treatment for the people who made the vehicles that were going to those
dealerships and all others. 

In order to avoid further discrimination, General Motors
must create job descriptions for every position no matter if it is held by a
man or woman without regard to race.  In
addition, the job descriptions need to include information as to whether there
can be accommodations for people with disabilities, i.e. can a blind person do
this job with braille accommodations. 
With jobs fully described for workers, a performance system of review
and ratings must be adhered to in order to promote those who have earned and
are worthy of promotional status without regard for race, age, gender,
religion, or disability. 

To ensure diversity and avoid discrimination issues,
General Motors can go beyond the basic measures that all companies must
follow.  General Motors can create
executive positions that is responsible to develop a diverse workforce and work
environment where everyone feels valued and is rated on their performance and
not their race, gender, religion, disability, etc.  The new values must penetrate the entire
company from recruiting to executive staff. 
General Motors can also set a standard by only doing business with other
companies that embrace a diverse workforce and has practices in place that
promote their employees on merit and does not discriminate. 

General Motors can also allow employees to create mentor
groups who help each other to do better in their job and helps to show them
what they need to do in order to advance their career within the company.  Encourage employees to embrace their
differences, share their differences and learn about each other to help
eliminate bias and prejudices.

There are so many ways that General Motors can avoid any
future discrimination issues.  The top
three are:

Develop a “task force” from the executive level on down
that is responsible to help identify and recruit talent of all
backgrounds.  This “task force” will also
be responsible for working with employees to develop the diverse culture show
all employees how to embrace each other’s differences and respect each other’s

The second recommendation is to work with other companies
that practice diversity in the workplace. 
Companies who practice diversity will have a very large pool of talent
and abilities.  They are the best
companies to deal with and have talent that works to improve the company to be
the best it can be. 

Don’t stop at the national average for diversity on the
Board of Directors.  Encourage the
participation of minorities, women and disabled persons to become a part of the
executive group to run a very dynamic organizationPH2 . 

When employees feel accepted, they tend to participate in
their work more fully and happily. 
Empower your employees to be the best they can be and rewarded for
it.  You just might be surprised at the
amazing ideas and talent you have right under your noses.

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laws relating to these.

information from the chapter to address the issues for GM. E.g. look at
recommendations for avoiding discrimination such as the four-fifths rule. The
idea for these assignment is to make sure you understand the information
covered for the unit.

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