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of all, the procedure of recognizing profitable growth opportunities usually
begins with considering the “Core Business” of the organization, that is, its products,
services, customers, channels and geographic areas that create the major fraction
of revenue and profits. Detailed dialogues with the management should be on the
topic, “What is our core business?”, This 
becomes the starting point for future strategic direction for Juwel

assessment of the general performance of the core business continues. This includes
assessing and benchmarking profitability, revenue growth rate and the reputation
of Juwel with its major clienteles.

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a valuation will bring out varying questions for consideration including:

•In what course is
each of these key indicators of Juwel headed and why?

•Which OMCs are
not core customers of Juwel? Why and how can they become core customers of

•What is the key competitive
market differentiator of Juwel? Can it be strengthened? How does Juwel ensure
it doesn’t decline?

•Is Juwel’s core business
under any serious threat?

• Does the core
business attract any growth opportunities within the downstream industry?

inputs from external stakeholder groups are very useful, especially from
customers when considering these questions.

general procedure could take some time, but yields substantial returns and
results in the long run. These include:

• Within the core business, there’s an
improved commitment to operational excellence

•Insightful dialogues on Juwel’s growth
potential of the core business, or conversely,

•A crucial need to make substantial
changes to Juwel’s core or plan for deserting the present core and discovering
more profitable growth possibilities.


organization capabilities are processes that are strategic and yield maximum
levels of value proposition to clients. For example, a firm may have the capability
to efficaciously enter new markets, produce outstanding novel products or
services which are highly demanded by customers, or deliver an excellent level
of customer service.

capabilities are steeped deep in procedures performed in the organization and need
the know-how and commitment of various individuals and departments in the

critical challenge faced by management is to explain, measure and repeatedly
fortify Juwel’s organization’s strategic capabilities because it is extensively
acknowledged that most organization’s success is entrenched in its
competitive-edge and organizational capabilities.

significant phase of the clarifying and measuring procedure necessitates
management to step outside Juwel and appraise both the company and its
competitors’ like Vihama, Chase Petroleum, Ebony Oil and Gas among others as in
the stead of the customer.

instance, let’s study the capability to deliver excellent customer service in
such way that competitors’ cannot replicate. In order for such competence to be
delivered, all employees from the varying departments in Juwel (not only the
Customer Service and Marketing Departments) must be included in service
delivery. The must be a willing connection and collaboration throughout Juwel
by all employees. Jointly, important information, leads, insights and other
resources on customers and service delivery can be shared and the necessary
actions taken.

first step to building Juwel’s strategic capabilities, is eliminating all the
barriers in Juwel  that may not augur
well for the  smooth delivery of
superior  customer  value proposition across the company.

should view organization capabilities as the key element of their business
strategy. Management should focus on persistently building and leveraging the
organizations’ capabilities to garner new business growth.

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