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Film is a medium that is universal form of communication, some say. It can unite people from all over and provoke different messages in the hearts of anyone that sees it. It’s the way they portray emotion and subtly address significant issues in modern society while also providing entertainment to millions. From a young age film has been a big part of my life, as since I didn’t have much of a social life I prefer the company of cinema, and while I learned things in school, household names like Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, Kathryn Bigelow, and David Leitch.Creative Media Applied Sciences courses would be ideal for me to study at the University of Hawaii West Oahu as they contain both the practical side to filming as well as backing it up with theoretical elements. Being able to command the cameras is as significant as knowing the ins and outs of how to use them. I want to have plenty of opportunities to get to know film, both practical and theoretical,when getting my degree.  Furthermore, I also want to dive into different types of media production, covering all bases so I am well-rounded in my education development.Although I have been using a video camera from the age of ten, my interest in media and film academically was only spurred when I started looking at the Films I watched differently, realizing, in time, that I had an undiscovered enthusiasm for the subject that made me want to learn more about than the plot of the movie, but how it was made. Since then I’ve been hooked. In my free time I advance my photography skills with some self taught techniques that I gained over the years from pure curiosity. Photography helps me gain some confidence behind the camera which is important in any type of Media field, knowing that whatever I point my camera at I have to have faith in that it will turn out astounding. Also I am a part of my schools Yearbook Club as the Editor of Photography, and though that doesn’t help me directly with Film, the skills gained from this are invaluable; the chance to work with a diverse group and learn to work amongst new and challenging people is endlessly building my people and team skills. It also has given me a chance to understand how much quality is of importance in anything I produce. That is why Film is something I strongly believe in, because I can put everything into it and tell a story that is someone else’s and mine all at once. It is something I would put my all into, devote my spare time for and willingly go the extra mile to see myself achieve in.

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