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Filipino women who age 15-19 has started childbearing: 8% are as of nowmoms and another 2% are pregnant with their firstchild according to the 2013 National Demographic andHealth Survey (NDHS). Among grown-up ladies age 20 to 24, 43% are alreadymothers and 4% are pregnant with their first born.Women who age 15 to 24 with less education are likely to getpregnant than among those with higher education(44 % for teenage girls with elementary education versus21 % for teenage women with college education).Early childbearing is more common in Caraga (38 %) and Cagayan Valley (37 %)than other districts. Childbearing in teenagers ishigher among poor family unitsthan those in wealthier families (37 % for young ladies in poorer families).The overview uncovers thatone in five (19 %) young Filipino ladiesage 18 to 24 a long time had startedtheir sexual movement at theage of 18.

A few of them would start sexual act some time before being wedded. The studyuncovers that 15 % of young ladies age 20 to 24 had startedliving with their partner or accompliceby age 18. It is found out that 17 % of women who age 40-49 had their firstmarriage at age 18. Start of sexual movementstarts at age 18 is more common among young ladies with less education and those who are in poorer families.Over 40 % of young ladieswith a few education, compared with asit were 7 % of those with college education, begin with hint sexual act at age18.

Additionally, 36 % of youngladies in the poorer families,compared with as it were 10 % of those in the wealthyfamilies, begin the sexual act atage 18. Over districts, the extent ranges from 11 % in Cordillera AuthoritativeLocale to 27 % in Davao. 22% for rural areas and 17 %for urban areas starts sexual act before the age of 18. Among young ladies ages 15 to 24, 2 % detailedstarting their sexual movementbefore turning 15. The 2013 NDHS isan overview of nearly16,000 family units and 19,000 ladiesage 15-49.

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