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Filipino women who age 15-19 has started childbearing: 8% are as of now
moms and another 2% are pregnant with their first
child according to the 2013 National Demographic and
Health Survey (NDHS). Among grown-up ladies age 20 to 24, 43% are already
mothers and 4% are pregnant with their first born.
Women who age 15 to 24 with less education are likely to get
pregnant than among those with higher education
(44 % for teenage girls with elementary education versus
21 % for teenage women with college education).
Early childbearing is more common in Caraga (38 %) and Cagayan Valley (37 %)
than other districts. Childbearing in teenagers is
higher among poor family units
than those in wealthier families (37 % for young ladies in poorer families).
The overview uncovers that
one in five (19 %) young Filipino ladies
age 18 to 24 a long time had started
their sexual movement at the
age of 18. A few of them would start sexual act some time before being wedded. The study
uncovers that 15 % of young ladies age 20 to 24 had started
living with their partner or accomplice
by age 18. It is found out that 17 % of women who age 40-49 had their first
marriage at age 18. Start of sexual movement
starts at age 18 is more common among young ladies with less education and those who are in poorer families.
Over 40 % of young ladies
with a few education, compared with as
it were 7 % of those with college education, begin with hint sexual act at age
18. Additionally, 36 % of young
ladies in the poorer families,
compared with as it were 10 % of those in the wealthy
families, begin the sexual act at
age 18. Over districts, the extent ranges from 11 % in Cordillera Authoritative
Locale to 27 % in Davao. 22% for rural areas and 17 %
for urban areas starts sexual act before the age of 18. Among young ladies ages 15 to 24, 2 % detailed
starting their sexual movement
before turning 15. The 2013 NDHS is
an overview of nearly
16,000 family units and 19,000 ladies
age 15-49.

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