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describes his God as omnipotent, sovereign, moral, omniscient and creator of
the world, this is generally a stereotypical Christian view of God. He is
embodying God by giving him anthropomorphic qualities and giving God values
that are important to people. It is important to note that Feuerbach does not
exclusively state that these qualities are masculine, but his ideas allow
people to develop their own ideas according to their own beliefs. The feminist
philosophy critiques his ideas and questions that if God does have these
qualities that human’s view to have a high value, which values does God
actually represent in philosophical terms?1 The feminist philosophy critique
continues to disparage Feuerbach’s view of God because he is defined under
conditions of power, knowledge and detachment. These aspects lead God to appear
as if her were impassible, unable to feel pain and implies that he is
invulnerable. The critique of this is that if this were to be true, the image
of God would appear to be in a ‘mans’ image.


“replace the word ‘God’ with the word ‘man’
and one is left with the stereotypical picture of what constitutes masculinity
in a society whose cultural and social life is defined and dominated by men.”
(Clack and Clack, 2008).

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This idea that God and Man have been morphed
into one idea is developed by Mary Daly. Daly believes this idea of God has
been consequential from human experiences in the world and that monotheist
religions, especially Christianity are the main culprits of this due to the
parables and symbols being sexist.2
God is referred to as a ‘he’ constantly throughout scripture, for example “No
one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love
is made complete in us.” (John 4:12). This reference to God shows that God, as
in a ‘male’ is there to complete a female, humans are incomplete without love,
which only a ‘male’ God can provide us with. Daly believes the idea of a ‘male’
God providing us with things that women cannot do, this notion of God has a
significant impact on human affairs. Because God is male, male is God this
leads to the idea that there is a God the father, above us, which validates all
these Godfathers that exist on earth.3
Daly’s argument against Feuerbach is strong, by giving God these qualities such

1 Beverley Clack and Brain
R. Clack, “Feminism and the Philosophy of Religion”, The Philosophy of
Religion: A Critical Introduction, Polity Press, 2008.

2 Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father,
London: Women’s Press, 1986.

3 Mary Daly, “The Qualitative Leap Beyond
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