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Fantasies run wild in my head as I spend my days. They are a vivid part of my dreams that talk to me about the things I want to do and the person I want to be in my life. I have always wondered, even during the busiest of my hours, about the lure of the magazine covers, product images and commercials, and about the creative values they bring forth. The draw of colors, stripes and shapes always linger at the back of my head not just as an afterthought but as a cosy sound that pulls me back to the world of designs and colors reconnecting. This passion for designs, to conceive more impeccable ones that can transcend ideas and emotions is what found my drive to seek admission to the College or Art, Media and Design from Northeastern University.

I understood and learned that I am an intuitive person who listens to her heart. However, that is not to say I am enclosed and not flexible. I love to break the mould and never be confined to preconceive notions; not just in my designs but also in everything I do. I am a person who is focussed on my goals and willingly take to walk the extra mile and slosh the rains to get where I want to be, even when I stroll alone.

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I have always been a dependable and conscientious person and I was able to understand that part of my personality only when my art teacher chose me to help the younger children with the after school art classes. It not only helped me improve my art skills but also taught me about the importance of teamwork and synergy, which, I am sure, will play a huge role wherever I go.

The nature of the unknown always piqued my curiosity and I was always ready to learn about it, imbibe the learning as my parents told me that learning is a continuous process and the one who keeps learning will never become irrelevant. This temperament is also one of the reasons I tried to learn to make potteries for my AS Level coursework by watching my mother do it. I also went onto learn about it from YouTube videos and attending workshops on the same. While I did not become perfect in it like mother is, it was an exciting experience to be a part of, nonetheless.

In my limited exposure to art, I have learned an important lesson—a lesson that will shape my creative efforts, desires and aesthetic endeavours, that we should never settle for mediocrity while we can all strive for perfection.

As a person who is aware of my limitations and the lack of academic specializations to orient my passion for designing, I am looking forward to tether myself with an institute which will not only help me hone my design skills but also bring me up holistically. I am convinced that the rewarding academic milieu, symbiotic and veteran faculty and the sprawling infrastructure of Northeastern University renders an infectiously luring erudite setting where creative arts can take its own unique shape and form. I am really positive that it is such environments that will test me challenge my capabilities, artistic beliefs and cognitive barriers I have framed for myself. As such, the university will sure persuade me befall as a better artist fortified with impeccable artistic and design skills that can not only make sales for businesses but also move people’s minds and make a difference at the end.

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