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Family dynamics and cultural tensions in Thomas king’s borders

Colonization and western civilization have marginalized native
americans  from rest of the society.First
nations have resided in their terrotries 
since a long time ago and they see themselves as separate
identities.However,the advent of colonization interrupted their free movement.and
separated their reserves from rest of the world:the only place where their
identity and culture survives.Thomas king being a native,represent natives in a
triangular relationship between Canada and America.Aided by contrasting
situations of pride and identity ,kings “borders” emphasize on the the family
dynamics and cultural tensions arised in the story.

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King demonstrates a border between the mother’s pride for her community
and laetitia’s want for her freedom.For instance, Laetitia responds to her mother
“yorr’e just angry because I want to see the world”on their way  to American side.Thus,it represents the
mother’s want for her daughter to stay on the reserve in contrary to laetitia’s
desire to “cross the border” and to be independent.”you can still see thr
mountains from here ,mother told Laetitia in blackfoot”lots of mountains in
salt lake ,Laetitia told her in English.The use of native language opposed to English
gives the sense of belonging. The mother identifies herself as a blackfoot whereas
Laetitia considers herself as a modern English –speaking American.Furthermore,Laetitia
precieves salt lake city as “one of the best places in thye worls”.Life at
reserve was boring for her,on the other hand ,the mother feels proud living at
their land of origin.Thus,while the access to native land by foreigners signify
the changing relation in family dynamics,its influence on conflict betweenm the
state and the first nations can also be observed.

                  King represents
the government’s attitude towards natives through the mother’s struggle for her
identity as a blackfoot .Not being able to cross the border as a blackfoot ,the
son and his mother have to stay in between .There is no recognition for their
identity as a blackfoot as they “have to be American or Canadian”.Further,another
guard teels the mother that he knows that”we got blackfeet on the anerican side
and the canmadians got blackfeet on their side”,but she need to define her
identity as an American or Canadian.This represents that dominant powers have
divided the community on two sides of the border .Further,they are not given
their own representation on either side of the border.In the very end,the
mother says “not any more” as an answer for their inquiry if they carry any
plants or fruits.This consequently shows the government’s unsympathetic
attitude towards the natives.Hopwever,the guard finally allows the mother and
the son to cross the border under the pressure of media.Guard’s representation
as”his fingers patting the buitt of the revolver” shows the authority and
control that state has over the natives.

  Thomas king describes the impact
of colonization and western civilization using the pride and identity to depict
the pposition of natives in present day society .Natives are described as “Indians
withour country”.The mother cannlot change the conditions permanently ,however
her struggle gives the hope for natives to fight for their position and
identity.Further,the image of disappearing poles ,as the son and the mother
crossed back to cottus,leaves us with the impression of vanishing borders
between nations.

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