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Factory Emissions Christian MyersJohn Van.

PattenHow do factory pollution and other gases affect the ecosystem and what is the EPA doing to prevent pollution? Most people think that pollution just affects them but they don’t realize that it can affect the tree and lakes and other things by a chain effect. Some of the environmental effects that can happen from factory pollution is Acid Rain, That is when gases from factories goes up into the atmosphere and mixes with the normal precipitation. Acid rain is bad for anything it touches because it is a mix of sulfuric acid and nitrogen oxides so it bring wear and tear on forests and animals, it can get into lakes and kill fish or anything that drinks the water.Another environment affect pollution can have on the ecosystem is Eutrophication, That is a condition in a water body where high concentrations of nutrients (such as nitrogen) stimulate blooms of algae, which in turn can cause fish kills and loss of plant and animal diversity. One of the most serious effects on the atmosphere is Ozone Depletion, That is when pollution from factories goes up into the atmosphere and breaks down the ozone layer,The ozone layer helps prevent UV rays from burning our skin and starting fires, and without it we would not be able to survive. The EPA is the organization that tries to reduce the amount of pollution there is and they are coming up with ways to reduce pollution, One way that they are reducing it is by forcing factories to get new devices in there smokestacks to reduce the amount of smog that they produce. This method is called Vortex Separation.

That method is when they use a strong vortex to push all of the harmful gases down to the bottom and let the safe gases go up.That is some ways that pollution can affect the environment in a negative way and how the EPA is trying to reduce the amount of pollution that goes into our air.ReferencesEnforcement. (2017, December 29). Retrieved January 29, 2018, from https://www.”Air Pollution: Current and Future Challenges.” EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, 4 Jan. 2018,

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