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Facing My Greatest Fear

According to most studies, Jerry Seinfeld, “People’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death”. My first presentation was in last year when I was in EAP classes. I had to present 5 minutes in front of my classmates and my professor about the fiction book that I chose to read from a list. I even now remember the fear that I had about the presentation. I afraid that I would forget every single word that I had to say. I had never done a presentation before in my life even in my first language, and this was the first time that I was going to speak in front of people. Thus, it was normal to become nervous and worried especially if English is not your first language. The only thing that was relaxing for me was the book that I chose to read because I really enjoyed the book when I read it. I have fear of public speaking and to become more comfortable with the presentations in front of a large audience is something that I know I will have to get into the habit for the future.

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 Finally, my big day of the presentation came. I woke up in the morning with the nervousness of going to college and give my first presentation in front of people. I looked at my notes thousand time before going to class. I was thoroughly ready for it but still I had feared. I had read the book twice, and I had memorized everything I had to say. My body was not in my control, and I was shaking all the time. That was not a good sign for me, and all the time I tried to control it. Even I refused to drink my coffee. I was thinking of just drinking one bottle of beer before my presentation can make me more relaxed; Though, I am not very experienced with drinking. My friends told me that drinking beer would not help on my presentation, and it will make me become more nervous. And so, I changed my mind. I tried to drink more water instead of alcohol. I did not notice myself that for no reason I was smiling all the time. I cannot remember how I drove to college that day because every time, I tried to look at my notes to make myself ready.

I walked to the class. My hands started to get cold. I felt like I want to run away. As I sat in my chair in the classroom, I became more worried and anxious about what is going happened later. After 15 minutes of panicking, class started. I was hoping that my classmates come late to the class or some of them not coming; so, it would be more comfortable to present in front of few people. My professor asked everyone that who want to go first. I preferred to be the first presenter for that day and finished that long day. Clearly nervous, I stood in front. My hands were shaking, and my face went red and felt like it was on fire. I had too much pressure on my head and started to give me a headache. I looked at every one, and I just noticed that class is almost full. The room was silent and everyone was looking at me. I began to introduce the book that I read. I was horrible for the first few seconds. Then, I tried my best to follow all the elements of a perfect presentation and say what I need to say. During the presentation, I got positive face reaction from my classmates. The only thing that I forgot to say about the book was author’s style. It was not so bad after I finished my presentation, and I got excellent feedback from my professor that made me surprised. So, I succeeded in my presentation.

I know that my first presentation was different from perfect but at the same time, it went much better than I had estimated. The day that I had my first presentation will stay in my memory forever. I learned that I have to believe in ourselves to achieve our goals and dreams.



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