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Explore FRANKFURT IN YOUR BUDGETFrankfurt is also known as “Frankfurt am Main”, a central German city, the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany.Frankfurt is home to the museum of Germany’s wealthiest and most luxurious museums.The geographic midpoint of the entire European Union is almost 40 kilometers east side of Frankfurt is Main. Being a famous financial and transport center of Germany, Frankfurt is the largest financial center in continental Europe. Frankfurt is the main seat of the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the Frankfurt Trade Fair, as well as diverse large commercial banks. Frankfurt Airport is considered as one of the world’s busiest international airports. The best time to visit Frankfurt is late spring to an early autumn season.Frankfurt is also Trade fair center which is full of International music Trade Fair, International Jazz Festival.Frankfurt is also famous for popular activity Bicycling.Best place to visit FrankfurtFrankfurt has a long list of attraction, such as The Romerbury-Frankfurt’s old Town Center with the irregularly shaped square with the Justice Fountain at their center.Another house of Germany’s Greatest Writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe House with beautiful 43-tall wooden structure.The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art(MMK) as one of Europe’s most important galleries of contemporary art.In the center of frankfurt’s opera square (Opernplatz), Old Opera House(Alte Oper) known as Opernund Schauspielhaus Frankfurt.There is no better way to see Frankfurt than from the top of the Main Tower, the city’s only high-rise open to the public. The building is named after the German river Main, which runs through Frankfurt’s city center.Best time to visit FrankfurtThe best time to visit Frankfurt is in late spring and early Autumn in between of April to September. With green landscape and sunshine make perfect climate.From booking the cheap flight to Frankfurt to find accommodation would become easy in a month of April to September.International Airports Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, Germany (FRA / EDDF) Frankfurt am Main AirportKirchberg, Germany (HHN / EDFH) Frankfurt-Hahn AirportDomestic Airports Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, Germany (FRA / EDDF) Frankfurt am Main AirportMannheim, Germany (MHG / EDFM) Mannheim City Airport

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