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                Cotton is the most cash crop in
India and its cultivation area has doubled in the last seven decades from 58.82
to 121.51 lac hectares, increasing 
production from 34.30 to 345 lac bales of 170 kg each.  With drastic increase in the yield from 99 to
481 kg per hectare 1,2,3.  However gap
in income levels of rural sector has not reduced as compared with the urban
sector.  This may be due to lack of rural
industrialization and ignorance of modern technocrats towards empowering
artisans or craftsman to educated them or to improve their skill so that
production may get increased, 
modification or development of an existing mechanized system or machine
available in rural areas.  So by
developing or modifying traditional methods or upgrading the knowledge and
skill of workers , there may be definitely good change in rural sector and
growth in self sufficiency.

                Various aspects of quality
standards which a customer expects all the time.  So this project is useful for Khadi
institutions as well as the Khadi technical staff for improving the quality
standards of Khadi.  The main objective
of the research is the basic inputs for improving the quality standards.  A product which comes to the market should
always specify the details of products.  Process
control of hand – spun yarn is specially designed to take care of quality of Khadi
at the first stage itself.

of khadi fabrics is considered to be heritage based production activity.  It is being based on human skill, it provides
strength or livelihood to a large section of the population of India.  And one can not deny a thing that traditional
technologies have longer life than science based technologies, as they are
faced with lots of challenges on and off. 
Due to stiff compition from mass – produced fabrics being available from
India and foreign countrie, the attraction of Khadi is decreaing day by
day.  If now the action not taken, there
is danger of khadi production reduction. 
One of way to save Khadi is to provide quality assurance inputs so that
khadi quality may get increase.  So this
research may be one of the step in this direction

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