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Executive Branch: In the United States the people
elect a president and he or she serves a four year term. After those four years
are up, another election is held and the previous president can be re-elected
to serve another four years. A president can only serve a maximum of eight
years total, so two terms.  In Rome there
are consuls. A consul will run the government and lead the Roman army into
battle. In Rome there are two consuls that rule and they each will only serve
one year. They are elected by the assembly and cannot be re-elected once they
serve one year.

Legislative Branch: In the United States we have a senate of 100 members. The
members serve one six year term and they are elected by the people. Members of
this group will make laws and advise the president foreign policy. We also have
the House of Representatives, which consists of 435 members, and they are
elected by the people for a two year term. In Rome they have a senate of 300
members and they have to serve for life. They have the Centuriate Assembly which
is all citizen-soldiers and they serve for life. Rome also has the Tribal
Assembly which includes citizens grouped on where they live. They serve for

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Judicial Branch: The United States the Judicial
Branch consists of the Supreme Court. Nine justices are appointed for life.
This is probably not a good idea because once a person gets older they might
start to lose their common sense and won’t be able to judge cases fairly
anymore. A justice hears civil and criminal appeals case. In Rome the Judicial
Branch consists of Praetors. A predator is in charge of civil laws. There is
eight judges chosen by the Centuriate Assembly and they serve for one year. Two
of these judges oversee civil and criminal courts and the other six govern

Legal Code: The U.S. has a pretty simple legal
code. That is the United States Constitution. Rome has the twelve tables. The
twelve tables is a list of rules that told the basis of Roman legal system.

Citizenship: Any person born or native to America
has full citizenship. In Rome, in order to be called a citizen you have to be
an adult male landowner. 

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