Site Loader
Rock Street, San Francisco

Examinations of Site Activities

All the works at the site should be
performed per approved shop drawings by using approved material. At least three
phases of control should be conducted by the Monitoring & Control Staff for
each activity prior to submission of the checklist to the consultant. These
will be:

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•  Preparatory Phase ?

•  Start-up Phase ?

•  Execution Phase ?

Preparatory Phase: The concerned staff should review the
applicable specifications, references and standards, approved shop drawings and
materials and other submittals (method of statements, etc.). To ensure
compliance with the contract. ?

Start-up Phase: The concerned staff should discuss with
the foreman responsible to perform the work and should establish the standards
of workmanship. ?

Execution Phase: The work should be executed by continuous
inspection during this phase. All the execution/installation works should be
carried out per approved shop drawings utilizing approved material. All the
works will be checked for quality before submitting the checklist to the
consultant to inspect the works. ?The following main categories of site works should be
performed by conducting the quality control per above-mentioned phases. ?

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