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Evolution of Political Party System in the
United States

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Evolution of Political Party System in
the United States

A Political party is an organization of people who seeks to
accomplish certain sets of goals that have the same interest as its members and
to achieve these goals through the exercise of political power. Political
parties have been around since Americas declaration of independence from Great
Britain. Today we have the two major parties the Democrats and the Republicans
but to get a better knowledge of how we ended up with the two-party system we
first need to take a step back to the founding days of America.


The founding father were not enthusiasts of political
parties. The founding
fathers dreaded the formation of political parties because it would lead to
the division of the republic. Their method of politics was to keep facts and
reason to come to a reasonable solution. But that did not work.  The major factor that lead to the formation
of a political parties was that how powerful should the government be. Even
though the founding father opposed the formation of political parties that did
not stop from creation of political parties. The political parties began to
form during the struggle over ratification of the federal constitution of
1787. As the friction between two groups increased when the attention shifted
from the creation of a new federal government to how powerful the government
should be.

The Federalists, led by Secretary of treasury Alexander Hamilton,
supported the idea of a strong central government. The Anti-Federalist or
Democratic-Republican was the opposing faction that was led by Secretary of
state Thomas Jefferson who insisted on states’ right over centralized power.
The federalists believed in the fact that the constitution was open for
interpretation, they believed that there were unmentioned rights that belonged
to federal government. The federalists party consisted of many founding father
and the wealthy elites while the democratic-republican consisted primarily of farmers
and poor citizens, they were not interested in another powerful government in control
especially after gaining their independence. Formed around 179 to 1828 the first
political parties each with the concern on how the new government was to be organized.
The federalists supported industrialization, national bank, and government aid to
build roads. While the democratic-republicans opposed and favored farming over manufacturing.
By 1824 the challenging work of democratic-republicans eventually weakened the federalists
party to its demise and the party was practically non-existent.





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