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Every day children from all around the world, commit suicide from cyberbullying. This if is a form a bullying using electronic communication to send mean comments to another. This is a huge problem today because it is so easy to be targeted. Many of these victims cannot easily run away from their cyberbully. In result, millions of teenagers all around the world suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and dropping grades. But the question is, will laws against cyberbullying, stop it. Although laws may not stop kids from sending harsh text, studies have proven to reduce it. Due to the common use of social media, and other electronic communication, cyberbullying is a tremendous problem, and without laws against it will only get bigger.    All the fifty states have laws against bullying, yet only 25 of those laws, include cyberbullying in the legislation. But, no one sees how cruel cyberbullying can be. Even worse than the traditional bullying we all know of. These bullies are saying horrible things to others. Although bullies in the real world do verbally attack a victim, things said on social media can and are far crueler. As they say, things that they would never say to one’s face. All doing so while staying completely anonymous. And it is not easy for the teens to run away from their internet bully. Studies show that 92% of young teens go online at least once a day, these teens are tempted to check their messages. Not knowing that it was another text from the bully.    So many teens are affected by cyberbullying and suffer from depression, low self-esteem and many have dropping grades. A survey in the UK interviewed young teens, and 1,500 claimed that they have been hurt by people on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. In many situations, they have been called names or teased about their appearance. Due to this, the victim starts to believe these mean comments and thinks very low of themselves. Another interview of 2,300 students, and almost all of who that said yes, had lower grades than their classmates.    Although, teens around the world are being depressed from this harsh form of bullying. Will laws against it, stop it? A study in 2013 shows a decrease in cyberbullying from the 28%-30% that was recorded in 2012 to a steady 22%. And less now, as laws against it are getting stricter and enforced. As for now, 25 states at do follow the DOE (department of education) recommended law as a 20% decrease in reports of cyberbullying. So, yes, laws against it will prevent it. Now we need the rest of the 50 states to legislate it.        On the other hand, some argue that there is no need for laws against it. “There are already 4,000 federal laws, does being a jerk make it a crime.” Some of the bullies do not intend to hurt or insult the victim and only meant it as a joke. However, being a “jerk” is affected the lives of many teens, and many results to suicide. Every year 4,000 teenagers commit suicide from bullying. This does not only take one’s life but, damages others. Even the bully itself must have so much guilt on their chest to find out that the child they bullied is not dead.    Cyberbullying is taking many lives and a law against it should be made. Cyberbullying is worse than traditional bullying. Many of the things said online would never be said in the real world.  Cyberbullying causes depression, low self-esteem, and bad grades.  and Laws on cyberbullying are efficient, it does prevent it and will stop it if we put effort into making laws against it.

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