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Every plant on the earth has lot of chemical
ingredients which have many identical activities on animal body. Human has been
using various plants as medicine from ancient times. Plants were identified as
source of medicine after different type of observations and experiments. Treatment
with various plants began since the early stage of human civilization (Malik,

It can be traced into ancient documents that
empirical uses of medicinal plants are as old as human civilization (Hamburger
and Hostettmann, 1991). How the plants can be useful and benefited to human is witnessed
by the past decade has. Also, they observed that the undesirable side effect of
the plants as medicine is minor. So, now-a-days modern people are diverting
their attention more towards the herbal medicine rather than the synthetic
drugs. These commercial drugs are very expensive to develop as well as contain
toxic effect. World Health Organization (WHO) says that approximately70%
population of world relies on plant for primal health care. From tropical
plants, more than 50 major drugs are originated in global market (Ghani, 2003).
17% of higher plants from about 250,000 species have been investigated for medical
potential around the world. The diversity of plants gives a limitless source
for the application in the progress of latest drugs. The lead molecules which
are isolated from medicinal plant can act as alternative medicine.

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The people of underdeveloped continent like Asia,
Africa and Latin America are backward and lack inventiveness as well as
accepting western technology and civilization without active response. These
3rd world, earn money by importing herbal medicine. Therefore, this medicine is
a call to fight against all obstacles (Adodo, 2013). In South Asia, Bangladesh
is a country which is situated on the fertile Bengal delta. The fertile land of
Bangladesh made it an excellent source of medicinal plants. 

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