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Every single member of the European Union (EU) hast to make a decision.
Staying and being a part of the 28 countries, working together in political,
financial and social aspects and having benefits such as tax-free trading
between members and one mutual currency, the Euro. Or leaving the community and
being an “independent” country with no free movement of immigration and not
being obliged to somewhat share their own wealth to help poorer countries. A
member state leaving the EU was not even possible before 2007, when the Treaty
of Lisbon was signed. Now many countries from the EU, especially eastern
countries, are considering withdrawing from the EU. This is due to the British
exit, the referendum which is referred to as “Brexit”. The UK decided through a
vote on June 23rd 2016, by a margin of 51.9 to 48.1, to make, as the
first country, the opening step to leave the EU. In the future a British
Person, who is living in the EU, would have to apply for a Visa to see his/her
family in the UK or just visiting his/her birth country the UK, because of the
Brexit. But Brexit has many more consequences than just losing the right to
free movement within the member states of the EU. It has widely-ranged effects
from social aspects to politics over to the economy everywhere in the whole
world, not just in the EU or the UK. However, it is important to remember that
if Brexit is encouraged and not triggered, that other members may think about
leaving the EU. But these thoughts about leaving the EU won’t become the
reality and will just stay thoughts.

First of all, to get an idea what consequences the Brexit will have on
the EU and how the future of the EU will look like, the system “European Union”
has to be known. The European Union is a unique association of 28 countries,
which are covering most parts of Europe. They are working together in political,
financial and social aspects. But that wasn’t always the case. In the past the
EU was just the Idea after the Second World War to create an alliance to boost
the Economy. As a result they wouldn’t fight each other and would avoid because
of that economic alliance the Third World War. From the idea the European
Economic Community (EEC) arose in 1958. This cooperation originally was just
between six European countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg
and France. Over the years 22 other members have joined the European Economic
Community, which was renamed in 1993 to the European Union, because the
Economic Community has developed into a Union which is not only cooperating economically
but also in many different aspects such as the ecology, social aspects,
political aspects. There is actually nearly none issue which is not discussed
in the EU and is worked on together. Due to the creation of the EEC and the
transformation of it to the European Union there has been no war for nearly a

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