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individual has their own interest in their life. From my childhood, I would
feel a strong interest in Engineering and Technology, because of its versatile
use in our everyday life. As Bangladesh is a developing county and most of the
foreign currency comes from manufacturing products and Bangladesh is able to reach
the zenith of RGM sector all over the world. That’s why I intended to study
Textile Engineering.


standing on the verge of fulfilling my graduation at textile engineering, I
realize how important it is to acquire a complete knowledge of product
management for a textile engineer. As a textile engineer, I have my own point
of view about the necessity of product management as I intend to survive in a
productive sector. It is indisputable that product management is an obligatory
knowledge in the Textile industry. In Textile sector from the inventory to the
finished garments, product management is to be monitored sincerely by expert
personnel to access better position in the market and to get more feedback from
the consumers so that a certain organization can maintain a satisfactory profit

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my fascination for modern technology, machinery and dramatically increasing
Textile and Manufacturing industries helped me to be motivated to study Textile
Engineering. Now, I am looking forward to pursuing a Master’s degree at University of Oulu to enrich my
knowledge on Product Management by having proper research opportunity.


have completed my Bachelor degree in the Department of Textile Engineering at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology
University (MBSTU), which is one of the prominent Science and Technology
universities of Bangladesh. I have maintained a well-balanced program of study
with a CGPA of 3.57 and extra-curricular activities which have helped me
acquire leadership skills, team building qualities, analytical and problem
solving skills and excellent communication skills. Now, I’m working as a
Lecture at Port City International
University (PCIU), Chittagong, Bangladesh for 2 years. I have 08 (eight)
publications on manufacturing and product management by ensuring the standard
level of quality.


my last year of undergraduation, I got a chance to visit some leading textile
groups of Bangladesh like Comfit Composite Knit Ltd, Divine Group, Impree Newtex Textiles Ltd, Viyellatex, Aman group etc.
and in fact, the factory where I have completed my internship- Comfit Composite Knit Ltd. Almost
everywhere I have noticed that they evaluate the person who is expert in
product management (R sector) to a great extent. A skilled production
manager gets high increment and uplifts frequently. Without good control over
product management, a textile engineer is none in the industry. After that, I worked
as a Management Trainee Officer at Vertex RMG Division, Dhaka, Bangladesh for
07 (seven) months.

interest about product management got a new boost while studying my two
individual undergraduate courses like Industrial
Management and Production
Planning and Control. I got acquainted with the knowledge such as function and role of management, utilities of
products, value, price and demands, project management through CPM or PERT, quality
control in production life cycle etc.


Otherwise, in my 02
(two) years teaching, I’m conducting the courses such as production planning
and control. Supply chain management, apparel manufacturing engineering and
technology, quality management, garments assembly etc.

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