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job helps to earn money. It can be professional or an entertainment job.
However, in this essay I will highlight few reasons why professionals should
earn more money than celebrities and why celebrities should earn more money
than professionals with few examples that will support my statement. 

Sports players and film stars earn more money than professionals have its own
reasons. Celebrity’s career is a non-governmental organization. There is no
fixed salaries for their works, they may earn more or less per day. It depends
on the role their given to do. It is not an everyday job. They need to wait for
to be called for an opportunity. Next, after job retirement they don’t receive
pensions or long term money for their careers. Moreover, their jobs are not
guaranteed such as an injury may lead them to leave their jobs. Secondly,
Celebrities provide entertainment to us in a way. Film stars play in different
roles. Some play the comedy role which is very entertaining. Entertaining is
not an easy job. It takes a lot of courage to play as comedian that will
impress the audience. This gets addicted to them due to their well performance.
 Most importantly, Celebrities have their
inborn talent. They utilize their talents to achieve their goals such as enter
into a tournament or an audition. Next, they earn income due to fame and
popularity. Popular stars and players are on demand because of their fame.
Directors and artist require them for their movies or dramas to hit the box
office. In order to get them act on screenplay they agree to pay a high income.
Lastly, Celebrities practice 12-24 hours per day to make themselves perfect in
their work. Stars memorize dialogues according to the script so as to perform
well; players practice to hit the target in the tournament or match. They have
to practice endlessly to reach their stardoms. (Sanjana, 2017)  For example, Dylan O’Brien who is a film star
won numerous awards such as Choice TV Villain awards for Teen Wolf, MTV Award-
the Best Hero for The Maze Runner and many more for his talent and dedication
to his work. Another example is a sportsman, Angelo Mathews; a Sri Lankan
cricket player too has won many awards for his matches such Man of the Match
awards, Career best performances. In other words, celebrities too are
professionals in their jobs.

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it is justifiable for sports players and film stars to earn more money for their
determination and dedication.

 Secondly, Professionals too have their own
reason to earn more money than celebrities. Professionals such as doctors,
teacher and emergency services require a qualification to build their career.
They study hard in the educational field for years. Doctors take the huge
responsibility of saving a life which is not an easy job. They set in a lot of money
and the time for acquiring their degrees and once they receive the degree, they
promise to be available for the people at any time of the day. (Aqeela,
2017)For example, Dr. Raffi Hovsepain was again awarded the triple board
certification for his achievement in the medical fields. (Benzinga, 2016) Next,
teachers are one of the important professionals in the society. They play a
vital role in every individual’s life. They provide education to future
generation and help them become successful. For example Marjorie Brown is one
of the best teachers. She was recently voted as the Executive Committee of the
South African Society of History teacher. “As a history teacher, she is
unsurpassed, she helps students learn from, and understand the past. But she
goes further, too: by developing critical insights, she helps her pupils to
understand what drove people to be resistors, bystanders, collaborators and
perpetrators in different situations”. (Thomas, 2017). Teachers are
inspirations and role models. Lastly, emergency services are the important
workers in our society. These workers such as firefighters, medical services
ensure public safety. Their work is more than involving in fire. They face
different missions every day. They do team work with a combination of different
skills and abilities. For example, Italy’s firefighters were crowned the best
in the world. They rescued and helped thousands of people from earthquake
rubble. The team won The World of Firefighters – Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award
for their hard work. (The local, 2017). Moreover, professionals bring value to
our society.

professionals should earn more money to some extent.

conclusion, celebrities and professionals have their own reasons to earn more
money than one another for different reason. In my opinion, they deserve the
income for the career and hard work they do.

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