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Ever actually realise if the opposition were to be followed, all of the youth’s attention would be shifted from the real world to the virtual world as more and more people are engrossed in the networking sites. This leads them to have the inability to prioritise friendship and tasks over social media.Now members of this house, as your second speaker i will be speaking about _social skills ?_______. As we look back on today’s motion, we, the proposition believe that this statement is true. The first opposition has tried to convince you by……… on to my substantives,The youth of today often use social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp to communicate with their friends. These apps are often used because of their convenience and ability to create groups to talk and connect to multiple people.Because of how frequently used these apps are, the youth have reduced opportunities to improve their verbal, face to face interaction skills. Actions such as texting does not involve skills such as reading another person’s body language or tone. There’s a significant difference between the experience you get as you talk face to face and when you talk to someone online. Our side wants to emphasise the importance to know about social cues and how to detect them is a skill is needed in order to appropriately respond in daily social situations. The psychology Department of Connecticut found that there was a very strong correlation between bad social skills and online communication, since people felt less confident speaking to others face to face. Therefore, the youth lacking in the knowledge of social skills would then result to be harmful as it will hinder the youth’s ability to form new relations and be able to interact with new people. It has also been proven that those who struggle in social situations may be at greater risk for mental and physical health problems, according to a new study started by Chris Segrin, the head of the department of communication at the University of Arizona.He stated that poor social skills often lead to stress and loneliness, which can negatively affect physical as well as mental health.In the study, Segrin focused on four specific indicators of social skills: the ability to provide emotional support to others; self-disclosure, or the ability to share personal information with others; negative assertion skills, or the ability to stand up to unreasonable requests from others; and relationship initiation skills, or the ability to introduce yourself to others and get to know them.Study participants who had deficits in those skills reported more stress, more loneliness, and poorer overall mental and physical health.While the negative effects of stress on the body have been known for a long time, feelings like loneliness have been recently recognised as a factor of a health risk. . It’s as serious of a risk as smoking, obesity or eating a high-fat diet with lack of exercise.Let me paint a scene for you, imagine you’re in a hurry to get out the door and can’t find your keys.When we lose our keys, most of the time when we find them, the stress goes away, we get in the car and it’s over. but for lonely people, that feeling never truly goes away. It just lingers there, that experience of a frantic search; but in this case, they’re looking for meaningful relationships,  and because they lack social skills, they don’t have the ability to escape from that stress. Feel the absence of satisfaction? They’re not able to find what they’re looking for, and that stress of frantically searching is what really takes a toll on them.Thus, for all these reasons, please go with Side Proposition.

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