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Even though Durkheim’s work and theories on Sociology were
published in the late 19th century, his knowledge and ideology was so perceptive
and impressionable on sociology, that to this present day Durkheim and his work
is still a topic that is debated, studied and re-examined. Many sociologists
and Philosophers in the 21st century study and discuss Durkheimian sociology,
offering criticism and development of his theories. The Author and Professor
Ivan Strenski uncovers in his book ‘The
New Durkheim’ (2006) the essence and constitution of Durkheim and his
purpose in sociology. Strenski brought relevance to Durkheimian as he influenced
a re-historical examination of Durkheim’s work. This encouraged many modern day
sociologist to analyse his work and interpret it in order to help them gain
more knowledge and understanding of society. Durkheim’s work is mainly based on
culture and the notion of what holds society together, a topic that is
predominantly discussed and causes a lot of controversy and debates in the
modern era. Durkheim’s ideas are used now to help us understand the world we
live in and how society functions. Political and social theorist Steven Luke
(1972) developed a bibliography on Durkheim offering a historical and critical
study on him. Luke recognised the importance of Durkheim’s work and how it is still
applicable to today’s understanding of sociology as it focuses on political and
ethical issues that we can relate to. Luke’s work has allowed sociologists to
form a new perspective on Durkheim’s theories and impact their own
understandings and beliefs. Bryan S. Turner (1999) strongly portrays the importance
of Durkheim’s work in today’s society as he refers to him as the ‘Father of sociology’.
Turner implies that in order to understand society and social thought then you
need to understand Durkheim sociology as it is the basis of it and ‘remains a
rich and challenging resource for comprehending the complexity of the modern
world.’ Turner highlights how Durkheim’s role in sociology is relevant to
contemporary times as he explored the complexity of society and tackled the
moral problems of stability and equality. These issues have become part of the
fabric of our everyday lives and sociologists will continue to tackle and solve
them, with the aid of Durkheim’s understandings and viewpoints.

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