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Ethnographers conduct research by completely immersing themselves into the culture or subculture of their target research group. This type of research is based on interpretivist methodology which aims to gain a deep understating of patterns of behavior and interaction. Survey researchers conduct research by making and distributing surveys to their target research group. Survey research is based on positivist methodology which is conducted as scientifically as possible. These two types of research are vastly different in how and why it is conducted and what goals or information the researcher is aiming to gain. In completely immersing themselves into their research ethnographers seek to understand why people do some of the things they do. They seek answers that can’t be quantified into data. The types of questions they ask are open ended and the answers to those questions might seek interpretation. Survey research looks for more quantifiable data. In designing surveys to distribute, the researchers often include readily made answers from which the survey takers must choose from. This type of research has set variables and looks for cause and effect relationships within those variables.            These two very different types of research are best tailored for different types of research situations. For example, if a researcher is trying to understand direct cause and effect relationships between two variables within a specific sample size then a survey might be the best method to obtain the information. If a researchers seeks to understand the viewpoints of certain people and seeks to peek into the inner workings of said people’s minds then ethnographic research will work better than survey research. These two types of research yield different results because they’re tailored to help answer different questions. If I were curious about the social lives of college students and wanted to see how different students spend time on campus I might make a survey with set answers and distribute it throughout the school. But if I wanted to know more about why a specific group of students spend their time the way they do I would perhaps befriend them and immerse myself in their group conduct and do as they do. 

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