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Essential I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing

This essential outlines
that a liberal education, an education that involves arts and sciences.  This education is needed for the development
of a nurse that will be a leader, to address issues in the nursing field and
solve problems and to understand policies that implemented.    A
background in humanities gives the generalist nurse the ability to participate
in leadership role in society and be socially valued by others.  A background in the arts gives the nurse an introduction
of numerous studies.  With this
background the graduate nurse will be able to express themselves, analyze
problems, and communicate ideas to others. 
This should build values and a purpose to be a professional addition to
any organization.  This education gives
the nurse the values and skill set to tackle the rigors of the changes that
will be happening with the healthcare field in the future.

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essential was incorporated into this nursing program by first and foremost clinical
experiences.  In the clinical environment
I was placed at Covenant.  This is a
different population base than Midland.  I
had to address and apply the social and cultural differences that we learned in
out text books.  There was a much more
diverse population base that Covenant serves. 
Care and consideration had to be taken to take into account of this with
every situation.  What I might of thought
of as different may have been considered “the norm” for the family.  I had to take into education levels of who I
was taking care of their ability to understand what was told to them.   Communication, I believe is the second most important
skill in healthcare next to education. 
The skill of being to convey what you are thinking, what you want accomplish
and resolve of conflicts of ideas is essential for patient care and safety.  We need to be versed in both verbal and
non-verbal communication.  To some people
this may be second nature but some need to learn these skills.  The ability to be professional in notes and
e-mails were addressed with every interaction.        

pertains to my future plans as I said earlier, communication is very important as
the healthcare field rotates around this principle.  I want to able to communicate with all people
involved in the care of my patients. 
This not only is the healthcare professionals but the family involved in
the care, or housekeeping that is involved on keeping things running behind the
scenes.  As the United Sates

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